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    I am a performer, lyricist, and sound specialist in the hope of improving my musical creation skills ...

    Currently, I continue to see that every time I set up my guitar and bass parts, they sound good to me at first, but when it's the perfect opportunity to overdub my drummer parts, all I do. nibbled at languid sounds, janky, and I'm just starting to feel an overwhelming uncertainty in my abilities ... we both records with a similar snap, and our parts seem well isolated, but together they just don't work.

    I have no idea what the problem is. I know this is anything but a problem when we play live respectively on the grounds that we sync so well, but clearly not when it comes to overdubs ... what should I do? A few groups remarks in case I record my parts so far, I should record on a fundamental drum beat to get even more atmosphere. On some things I do for others, that's okay, my plays are going well. 

    Anyway, in case I try to do that with my music, it changes the mood of what I'm munching on ... is it just the idea of ​​the monster that is the musical creation? Or do I just suck and need to improve myself to play a tick? Is it a problem with drummers thinking they're amazing at keeping pace with a tick? I'm lost.

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    Apologies if this has already been covered, but does anyone know if the Behringer DD600 Digital Delay pedal is still available?

    It's listed on the Behringer website as a current product (no image though) but despite being able to source all the other stomp boxes, the DD600 (or any other Behringer Digital Delay) is nowhere to be found as a new (current) product being sold by an online retailer (other than eBay of course).

    Thanks in advance.

    Be safe.

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    Guitar and Bass

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    For the flashback delay 2 is the modulation setting the same 2290 mod that is on the flashback delay 2x4?  Does the 2290 delay on the x4 sound the same as the 2290 on The 2x4 flashback delay but with other options?

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    • Guitar111

      The 2290 delay sounds thre same on all Flashback models.

      The Flashback 2 version have the added feature of the MASH switch, whcih is mapped to freeze and repeat the delay buffer indefinite and input to delay FX  is closed, so you can solo dry over the delay drone as long as MASH switch is pressed down.


      • June 10, 2020
  • Philwwe
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    Just picked up the Spectradrive and super useful having a PSU included.  What's the power output of the included PSU?  I currently use a BOSS PSA PSU which outputs 500ma so will the PSU included with the Spectradrive have a similar output and be able to drive up to 4 pedals if needed?

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    i moved your post into the correct forum...

    If you want to start out simple without using the aToneprint app, just  use the "DETUNE" type and set the amount of detuning for each Pitch shifter voice via VOICE 1 + 2 interval potmeters -> in DETUNE mode they shift the pitch with up to 50 cents instead of semitones and combined with the 2 direction toggle switches, you can very easily dial in the setting you mentioned above.If you just wnat one detuned voice with 7 cents up, set VOICE 2 to OFF.

    If you want to customize your own Detuning toneprints via the app Try the DUALDETUNE template from the  as a starting point, if you want dynamic detuning via the pressure sensitive MASH switch.. You can customize the detuning amount either fixed for each voice, or change it dynamically via MASH switch. On the MASH mapping page you can set up the parameter curve for the detuning.

    P.s.. you can have a fixed custom detune amount per voice and on top have different detuning via MASH switch, where the value of the detuning will return to the current pitch value of the potmeters of a toneprint when the MASH switch is released.




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  • NickyC
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    Just got my Plethora X5 and I'm really pleased with the quality of the effects.  I can cnnect to my PC via USB OK but no matter what I try (Android, iPhone iPad, etc) I can't get the Bluetooth connection to work.  Any ideas anyone?

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    I just noticed that the 1.1.52 firmware for the Plethora is now available, in case anyone's interested..


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