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  • BerlinChurchCol
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    Hello, My church has a Behringer X 32 mixer going to an S-32. We have been using the aux channels for inputs from a mobile device, CD player, and audio from video. A couple of weeks, the sound coming from the Aux channels has been very distorted. Most of the mid-range and vocal audio is absent or sounds far away. As a test, I connected my phone to an XLR channel on the S 32. After making this connection the audio coming from my mobile device sounded great. Therefore, I believe there is something wrong with the Aux channels. If anyone has a suggestionOr advice and remedying this issue please let me know. Thank you very much.
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  • hellotribe
    Contributor - Level 3
    Hello. I have a rather interesting problem/discovery. There is 1 microphone and 6 line in jacks coming to my XR18. The MIC sounds always the same. But other inputs constantly change level. When I talk loud, the music gets quieter by itself. And when there is no talk, it suddenly becomes much louder. Automixing feature is not enabled. Compressor and other effects are not applied. The idea was to create several snapshots for each scenario. But I still have to always change the volume on line in channels, as they go up and down. Is this how mixing should work? Am I mishearing it? Or am I loosing it?
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  • Niv
    Contributor - Level 3

    I have the routing menu showing on the Wing main screen.

    If I change, on the secondary panel (near the small screen), the type of the channel from mono to stereo or vice versa, the channel is not updated on the main routing screen.

    This option that allows you to change the type of the channel so easily without leaving the routing screen, is very useful, but if the routing screen is not refreshed it is very confusing.

    Hope this can be fixed.

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  • powertomi
    Contributor - Level 1

    Anyone knows: the channel input level meter in Pro2 has a peak or rms display?


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  • rwprigge777
    Contributor - Level 3

    Hey guys, I'm going to be doing some troubleshooting to figure out what is going on but I figured maybe you guys would have some thoughts. I'm getting an occasional beep coming through the signal chain I have shown below. I do know that the beep goes away when I just have the DL 32 and the wing in the system without the x32 or wave server.

    4 wireless mics --> DL 32 (AES A) --> (AES A) Wing (AES B) --> (AES A) X32 (x-wsg card) --> Ethernet switcher --> Waves server --> Ethernet switcher --> (x-wsg card) X32 (AES A) --> (AES B) Wing (AES A) --> (AES A) DL 32 --> mains


    I'm pretty sure I can rule out anything to do with the mic and receivers, as well as the connection to the mains since the beeping does not exist on these mic channels when we were just using the Wing and DL 32. 

    I should also note that the beeping not only comes through the outputs I have routed on the DL32, but also through outputs 15 and 16 on the back of the x32.


    Any thoughts on what this could be?




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    • rwprigge777

      @rwprigge777 wrote:

      Any thoughts on what this could be?

      Do you have the master clock of your eco-system set to Exp. Card on the X32 with the X-WSG card (Setup, Config, Synchronization = Exp. Card)? If not, that might be the reason for the bleeping.


      • June 10, 2020
  • calebhorains1
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hey everyone, 

    I need some guidance...

    Disclaimer; I'm extremely new to the X32 workflow so keep in mind I'm a total n00b. 

    I'm hoping to use the card out to send audio into Ableton to have control over a seperate mixdown for a live stream, then send the Ableton into OBS. 

    I was able to configure the USB card to send audio into Ableton but it sounds AWFUL. I'm getting lots of glitches, stutters, pops, weird bleeps and boops, lots of distortion. I suspect I'm doing something wrong becasue I have a 2019 MB Pro with up-spec'd ram, beefier processer, etc., and the X32 is less than 6 months old (purchased brand new).

    Any ideas would be very much appreciated... 

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    • calebhorains1


      Hello Caleb, welcome to the community.


      First check that the Ableton project is set to the same sample-rate as the X32. You may also need to set larger buffer sizes. I don't know if you can do this through Ableton or you need to use the macOS Setup -> Audio Midi tool.

      • June 9, 2020
    • calebhorains1

      Thank you sir,

      I made sure everything matched and tried every buffer size Ableton can process. It got a little better, but not much... 

      • June 9, 2020
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