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  • phase
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    I’m looking for the best solution to digitally connect my KH750 Neumann subwoofer to my Tc BMC2 converter.
    The KH750 has a AES3 BNC input
    The BMC2 has a AES3-id/ 75ohms SPDIF RCA Output

    As the KH750 has digital processing inside, I’d like to avoid any extra digital<->analog conversion between the converter and the speakers.

    Unfortunately, I’m not aware enough about digital links and this require very precise knowledge.

    Level, impedance, cables, converters, adapters, RCA, XLR, BNC, so many options.

    Some infos here : KH750 : browse operating manual here

    Thanks for your help

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    • phase


      Hello Jean, welcome to the community.


      The BMC2 digital output and KH750 digital input are electrically compatible. The simplest way to connect them is to use a RCA/RCA digital cable like this with an RCA/BNC adapter like this at the KH750 end.


      The KH750 manual suggests that the maximum cable length for an S/PDIF source is 10 metres. Although it is marked SPDIF, the BMC2 digital output is actually to the AES-3id standard so can drive much longer cables.

      • March 4, 2020
    • phase
      phase Thank you ?

      Then for this link, do I have the other option to use a 75ohms BNC cable with a RCA to BNC adapter ?
      • March 4, 2020
  • SebastianKuhn
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    hi all,

    i m searching for the device control software for the LM2 19" device.

    support from TC are not able to help, because the LM2 is too old

    maybe anybody of you can help to find the software. google did not help.

    hope fully any on of you have these software still available.


    thx so much

    all the best



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  • nixx
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    It seems that if TC Electronic won't update their TC Near software, all users of Konnekt (and Impact Twin) audio interfaces are out of luck and won't be able to use their hardware with the upcoming version of macOS. If I'm not mistaken, macOS Catalina will support only 64-bit apps - and TC Near Control Panel is 32-bit

    Is there any chance TC Electronic will update TC Near to support for 64-bit only operating systems? It would be a shame to have all those killer audio interfaces bricked...

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    • nixx

      I agree. but it seems they are not involved in this forum at all. 

      I think it's more for users, cause if you check most posts don't even get replies, sometimes if ure lucky a user will help you out but Tc's staff have not seen em around. 

      • October 3, 2019
    • nixx

      Hello, updated yesterday to OSX Catalina, my  Impact Twin unfortunately does not work, I sent an email to the support, I hope to receive an email from the support, greetings


      • October 10, 2019
    • nixx

      I own a Studio Konnekt 48 and I really love that interface. It is perfect for my recording needs, sounds great and has reasonable latencies. 

      It is a real shame, that TC Electronics don't support this fairly new product. In a time where everybody's talking about the environment and saving resources, it just doesn't seem right that I have to throw away a perfectly good (great actually...) audio interface, just because I wish to upgrade the software on my Mac. 

      Next time I buy an audio product I guess I will spend some time checking out the "end of life" policies of the manufaturer. The software support should last at least as long as the life expectancy of the hardware product.

      I always thought of TC Electronics as a serious and trustworthy manufacturer, but this time you have really let me down...



      • October 14, 2019
    • nixx

      I wonder if TC even exits anymore, after they have been ackquired by Behringer.. 

      • November 25, 2019
    • nixx

      I have the same problem, luckily I was the Beta tester of Catalina and could be able to turn back to previous version. I can not use Catalina just because of this hardware and it is not acceptable.

      TC please answer us with a solution.


      • December 12, 2019