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  • AndrewHamilton
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    Ok, found this very strange. Just got my TC Helicon Acoustic Play and I LOVE it however I can very loudly hear myself pressing and off the pedals through I don't even know what. When I'm hitting my SPDNE Kick I can the sound of me kicking it through the helicon almost as much as I hear the stomp box itself. I think it might be coming through both the guitar and the microphone. As you can see in my set up it's not close to where I hit the pedals or anything, or I didn't think it was anyways but maybe that is it. 

    Has anyone ever had any issues like this themselves?



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    • AndrewHamilton

      So unfortunately I've singled it out and it seems to be a problem with the Guitar DI box within the Acoustic Play pedal. I'm just wondering has anyone ever experienced anything like this with this pedal or even any other pedal before??


      • April 22, 2020
  • mochiji
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    It seems that DM KONTROL misidentifies DM8000 as DM8500 and compatible erorr is displayed on Device Connect windows.
    Clicking on the open control surface displays an error message. DM KONTROL seems to recognize DM8000 as DM8500.
    However, the detail display shows DM8000. How can this be solved?DM8000 error.jpg



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  • -Wabisabi-
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    Hi there,

    I need help please, because I have some problem with the right connection of my G Major I. I've linked my guitar to the combo amp (Roland VGA 5), and after I connected the Line Out (SEND) from my amp to the mono imput of G major and the mono output in Ext In. (RETURN). Is series connection. But I don't know why I can't use the function for mute the output and use the tuner, and also the sound don't work properly, there are so many feedback. I've tried also to activate the function Kill Dry, but nothing. Unfortunately I can't understand the problem. If someone can help me  should be great. Thank you in advance!Roland-VGA-5-V-Guitar-COSM-modeling-Amplifier-100V-DISCONTINUED-_57.jpg

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    • -Wabisabi-

      "Is series connection.", No, it isn't.

      IMO the Roland VGA-5 is an all-in-one solution, so it is not designed to connect with the TC G-Major. You don't need to, because VGA-5 has COSM effects.

      • December 10, 2019
    • -Wabisabi-

      I don't know if it helps now, but  you can't take the line out of an amp and then just sending it again inside the amp!

      I don't know this particular amp, but I am pretty sure it doesn't have an effects loop, so you can use the G-Major only like this: guitar -> G-Major -> amp.

      • February 23, 2020
  • kickingsaturday
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    I would like a better update

    woth Mac like it ok plug and play but it a disco 2017

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