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  • Gerrard
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    Hello all,

    I'm relatively new to synths, and I'm trying to learn from a very basic intro level. Been happily lost for hours this past week since the Odyssey arrived.

    I'm not sure if I've experienced an issue with the Odyssey or my lack of knowledge. When I switch the Audio to LF Keyboard Off, I get pulsed clicks and find it difficult to generate a tone. From the manual, 'adust using the VCO-1 frequency faders'. I just can't seem to get rid of the clicks even if I manage, with luck, to generate a tone.

    Is this just part of what's to be found at these frequencies, and something to play around with?

    Very grateful for any info or knowledge shared, as basic as you like. Thanks, Gerrard



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    • Gerrard

      When VCO 1 is in LF mode (low frequency) it's acting like an LFO, so it will only produce very slow clicking - it's not meant to be heard in isolation but used as a modulation source.

      If you're really new to the synth this might prove useful.  It's a walkthrough of the Odyssey for beginners I made a couple of months ago.  I can't ost the lionk but if you google starsky carr ARP ODYSSEY:Tutorial and Demo you should be able to find it.

      Hope that helps



      • November 16, 2019
  • microbug
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    Hi there,

    i am new to the community, but not new to synths and musical instruments - I do that since the early 80s


    Got my Crave these days and I really like it, but as an early adopter, you always run into bugs and oddities.


    Since I dont know if opening a ticket is the way to go for reporting bugs (the system is not suited for that), I will post my findings here, since this is the manufactureres board someone sould read that and take it to the developers, which seem to be Rob and Pete in Manchester, really nice guys!

    However, here are my findings:

    Quickstart Guide, german section: typo on page 18, upper right corner, the crave is twice called „crate“. Well, some kind of disrespectful

    Quickstart Guide: Page 42, Tempo Receive Modes. Should be named Sync Modes.

    Option 3 says "DIN Sync". This is confusing, since this is a fixed term and means a connectivity that the Crave does not have (pre-MIDI sync on Roland gear), it should be named MIDI sync, because thats what it is.

    Hint1: If set to this mode and a clock is detected, you can adjust the scale with the tempo knob, the location LEDs work as a meter for that.

    Hint2: If there was a external clock and now you like to start the sequencer on its own, you have to press play twice to get it on its own clock.

    BUG: In Tempo Receive Mode 1, CV/Gate, it still receives MIDI Start/Stop, should only work in option 3

    LFO used as VCO does not track octaves correctly, I hope this can be adjusted by a trimpot, but unlike on the VCO, there is no hole in the top case at that location

    Synth tool V1.3.1 does not include Crave, it did in 1.2 and was removed. I hope there will be an update, since Pro-1 is also missing.




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    • microbug


      Synth Tool V2 does work with the Crave now, and it has a firmware update: 1.06.

      This new firmware seems to alter the swing factor, so If your sequnces sound funny, adjust SWING and store them again.

      LFO is still useless as second VCO since it does not track in clean octaves. Maybe this has to be adjusted via trimpot.

      Attack time zero causes random click noises, was not fixed with 1.06, reported that via ticket now. Increasing Attack time lets the clicks disappear.

      • November 9, 2019
  • TCH-Rob
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    Here's a demo of the Behringer Model D through the TC Helicon Voicelive 3... this is a great effects unit for synths as it essentially has a full pedalboard's worth of effects, all with individual on/off footswitches. It can also save presets and has a fully featured 4 track looper. 

    Disclaimer: I may overuse the words "large" and "wide". I need some new vocab to describe synth tone 

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  • TC-Mike
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    Hi all,

    found a great design draft by Bjørn Lohmander in the synthesizer freaks FB group for a possible Behring produced Korg Polysix tribute in a desktop design formfactor.  What do you guys think?

    polysix draft 2.jpgpolysix draft 1.jpg


    quality of the rendering is fantastic and i really like the design and formfactor.... 

    Just to be clear this is NOT a confirmed Behringer product and at this point just a great design draft from a fellow synthusiast .



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  • TC-Mike
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