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  • jcsy
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    This is another post with an image in the body after the fix.

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  • andremichelle
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    I am able to select MIDI USB, but it obviously does not update Crave. The Midi Start Clock event will start the internal sequencer, but the tempo remains out of sync. If I go to another tab and back to General or restart the Synth Tool, it defaults back to Internal. I have no issues with the RD-8 or TD-3. They work as expected.


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  • Gh88
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    Hey- Does anyone know if the sequencer in the latest SynthTool works with the CRAVE?

    THX ))_

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    • Gh88

      Yes. Just make sure the firmware is up to date.
      Behringer SynthTool V2.3.6 CRAVE

      • May 12, 2020
  • Nebel
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    Hi Behringer, hey community,

    are you thinking about updating the CRAVE again and have you thought about including a liverecording mode (recording while the seq is playing)?
    I really love playing with the crave and I enjoy using it a lot but espacially for jams and live performances I would love to be able to do live recordings into the step sequencer. I don't know how the stepsequencer is set up but it seems a litte anachronsitic to leave out this function.

    I would love to see that and I am sure I am not the only one

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  • milin322
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  • recycle
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    I use Synth tool 2.3.5 for TD3 and Odyssey. There is an issue when using it for TD3: there is no “back” button, no way to go back to initial menu and swap to a different keyboard. I have to close app, restart and choose the Odyssey. Is it just me? Is there a fix for that bug?issue.png

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  • ynhits
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    Hi , 

    I recently bought a poly D

    Very happy with it, but i can t update it... Synth tool 2.3.5 is installed. My poly d is in usb ( without hub ).

    the poly d version is outdated. When i press update , i have the following message : update failed, try again...

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  • TJWilkins
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    Hello All, 

    I've had my DM12 for about a month. I bought it used from a trustworthy friend. I've been getting to know this synth and LOVE it. Unfortunately, when I fired it up this morning, I had all the lights illuminated, but no screen, no connectivity to the computer, and the only thing running properly was the fan (pics/vid attached). Has anyone ever had this happen. Any thoughts? I really hope this isn't a situation where the synth is dead. I think it was manufactured in December of 2016, so I think technically it's out of warranty.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Upside down, but you get the point...Upside down, but you get the point...

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    • TJWilkins

      Honestly, man, I had a similar issue, and after taking it apart found a loose ribbon cable, right about under the OSC 1,2... if you are out of warrantly, I would just take a look. Worked perfectly after that, fixed an issue with the mod wheel as well.

      • May 18, 2020
  • Swisstony10
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    Just integrated a TD-3 into my studio, and I'm loving it so far, except for one minor issue.  I can't seem to control anything about it from Cubase.  It's taking midi sync perfectly happily, over USB, but all I can do is start/stop it with the transport controls.

    What I really need to be able to do is to send pattern change information during a project to switch patterns, and also send start/stop signals to it via midi. At the moment I can just have it playing all the time throughout the project.  The midi implementation table in the user guide that came with it isn't terribly useful in helping me work out which controls I need to send it from Cubase to do start/stop and switch patterns.  Any advice gratefully received! 

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  • SteNo
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    Just got an TD-3, an when editing an pattern (store it to the TD-3), SynthTool crashes and then when trying to start it again, it only says: "SynthTool is running" in an popup with an OK button!

    The only way I cant get it to start again, its to reboot, but it will crash again when editing the same pattern

    Anyone has the same problem and some tips?

    SynthTool is v. 2.3.4

    Im on Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6

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