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    Hi Hr. Behringer (Analog Papa):

    I want to say a big "Vielen Dank" from all of us who use analog synthesizers and can't afford to repair our old ones or buy used ones. You are single-handedly creating a 'new new wave" of creativity.

    As most of us use these in our DAW's, we are grateful for this:

    but can you ask your firmware engineer to please add MIDI CC for the knobs on the Model D, VC340, Odyssey, TD3, etc so that we can use it in our DAW (Logic PX 10.5 or Abelton) or if we want to play them LIVE we don't have to have octopus hands?

    Until then, that means we have to perform a Sysex Dump each session or have to manually turn them while recording audio instead?! It really limits the creativity and ease of use of your beautiful machines.

    Please consider it (hands held together in prayer). Please. All of us here will hug you!

    Thank you Analog Papa!

    Big hugs from Wien


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