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  • daniciuc
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    Hi everyone,

    So I'm using two M32 consoles, one for FOH and one set up as monitor console.

    I'm at the limit with channel inputs and I would like to go furter and buy a Wing, but I don't know how to mix the extra channels from the Monitor console ... Do you guys have any ideas? or suggestions? Or should I just buy 2 WINGs ...

    Hope I was clear enough


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    • daniciuc

      Hi @daniciuc 

      I think you will need two Wings to mix a full 48/96 ch's at both places at once. Except maybe FOH doesn't need to mix all sources for the show, in which case maybe the Wing in monitor world M32 FOH might do it....but what the hell, buy 2!!

      • March 3, 2020
    • daniciuc

      Hi Emanuel @daniciuc 

      Welcome to the forum. As Gary @GaryHiggins mentioned, if the budget allows getting 2 Wings would definitely be the best solution. But if the budget is tight and since you already have an M32, the Wing and M32 can function together. If all of your inputs are mono in nature, all you are gaining (input-wise) are 10 additional channel strips (48 instead of 38). But if some of the inputs are stereo, the difference in inputs increase significantly. 


      Gary did bring up an important point with regards to input requirements that differ between FOH and monitor worlds. I find that FOH tend to require more inputs than monitors. Most musicians want specific channels, not the "whole enchiladas". But that may generate complex (creative) routing in order to accomplish this, particularly with the bank of 8 limitations. With the 2 Wing system, that routing complexity disappears (since the bank of 8 limitation is non-existent). 


      • March 3, 2020
  • marianorusso
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    I need to activate warranty support (as required by your Support Request Response (Case: 01.032.712)
       communicating: • current postal address (including City / Postcode / Country) via gabriele jannelli 23 80129 napoli italy
    • Serial number of your item (foto)
    • Proof of purchase * enquire  pdf
    to obtain RMA number and service center.
      do you give me instructions?

    [email protected]
    serial mixer beringer.jfif

    fattura beringher mixer.pdf
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    • marianorusso

      @marianorusso They have stopped putting date code stickers on a lot (if not all) of their products. Your date code would by March 2018 which is the first 4 digits after the S in the serial number.

      • November 21, 2019