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    Powered by a 2400-Watt Class-D amplifier, an 18” long-excursion subwoofer and an incredible array of professional features, the DR18SUB produces extreme levels of deep punch, along with the definition and clarity typically reserved for much larger systems!

    Learn More:
    List Price: $449

    #Behringer #DR1SUB #DRSeries #Portable #Active #Powered #Loudspeakers #Speakers #Subwoofers
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  • crystalgipsy
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    I have had a pair of XT6F for a while but really struggling to get a satisfactory sound from them. They seem very harsh at the top end and have boomy bass. They replaces a similar sized speaker that did not exhibit any of this. 

    Tried positioning and follow as closs as I can the positioning from the manual but it even brigher if I use the severe toe in recommend.

    I'm getting to the end of my tether with them so any ideas welcome. They sounded so much nicer when I heard them in shop. So likely my room is the key but I can't change this.



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    • crystalgipsy

      Hi there, no offence, do you checked the connection polarity? If it is correct you could try to avoid the proximity from any reflective surface, like windows or mirrors. I hope this help, best regards

      • February 26, 2020
  • EduardvanRaalte
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    Hi, I got a Tannoy Arena Subwoofer from a friend for repair. I managed to get the amplifier board out of the magnificent(!) box and also got the power supply out. When on there’s 7.7V between CD- and CD+. If the amp isn’t in standby I assume that should be much more. 

    Things would get a lot easier from here if I got a service manual or schematics. Any hint will be appreciated! Tia Eduard. Power supplyPower supply


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  • Mateusz
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    I am considering buying NuQ 118B-AN subs and I have a question regarding that model. In the picture presenting back of the speaker there are 4 bolts in each corner (16 in total). Are they indented for wheels? Does the speaker come with wheels in the box, as the iQ18B does? Manual nor product page says nothing about attaching wheels, so I am a bit confused.NuQ118B-AN_P0B4K_Rear_L

    Thank you in advance for clarification!

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    • Mateusz

      @MateuszI'm not an employee but those holes are for the wheels and I would be very surprised if the wheels were not in the box-I would protest loudly if not

      • January 14, 2020
  • RobSarahs
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    Hi there, I need a replacement of one of these but cant find it anywhere, can anyone help?Hi there, I need a replacement of one of these but cant find it anywhere, can anyone help?

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  • DruMcCoy
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    These two lights now only come on, when I turn on the power for my speaker. Why? Thanks for an assistance in advance.

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    • DruMcCoy

      @DruMcCoy wrote:

      These two lights now only come on, when I turn on the power for my speaker. Why? 

      Do the come on briefly then turn off, or do they stay on. If it is the latter, you have a hardware problem.


      • October 19, 2019
  • Paulo1

    Tannoy Launch CVS 1.0 series in-ceiling loudspeaker range

    Tannoy, the legendary UK-based manufacturer of reference monitors, hi-fi loudspeakers and commercial speakers are announcing a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

    The CVS1.0 series combines Tannoy’s class leading design pedigree and world respected driver technology to produce a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers designed for cost critical applications without compromising the high level of performance users expect from Tannoy. The range is designed to excel in a wide variety of applications such as restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, retail, educational facilities and business of all types that require a combination of excellent music and speech sound quality and exceptional reliability.

    The line-up consists of six models that are all available in semi-matt black or semi-matt white finishes. All deliver the power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion typically found in more expensive products. Each model has a powder coated aluminium mesh grille with dust protection. The drivers are mounted in a UV and weather resistant UL 94-V0 and 94-5VB ABS front with a plated steel fire can enclosures. In addition, each model has EN54-24 certification for detection and fire alarm systems, UL1480 certification for fire protected signalling systems and UL2043 certification for air-handling spaces.

    The CVS 301 is designed to provide superb audio performance and features a three-inch polypropylene full range driver with butyl rubber surround for enhanced durability.  

    The CVS 401, CVS 601 and CVS 801 feature four, six and eight-inch coaxial polypropylene drivers with butyl rubber surround and ferrofluid cooled soft dome high frequency drivers that provide class leading sound quality. 

    The CVS 801S in-ceiling subwoofer uses an eight -inch polypropylene long-excursion driver that delivers weighty extended and controlled bass. The low pass baffle design allows the use with other loudspeakers without the need for a crossover. A low impedance version is also available.

    Other features include:
    • Supplied in pairs complete with all mounting hardware
    • Wide constant directivity for optimum coverage
    • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included
    • Steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism for fire rated cable
    • Transformer Taps for 70V / 100V line systems or 8 Ohm operatio
    • Ten-year warranty

    TANNOY_CVS 1.0_Series.jpg

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  • Paulo1


    Introducing Tannoy Gold Monitors

    Many of the world's greatest hits have been recorded and mixed using Tannoys. 

    The long and storied legacy of Tannoy's studio monitors have endured the test of time and adapted with the evolution of technology.

    Dual Concentric: The heart of Gold
    Today Tannoy is introducing the Tannoy Gold series, the next generation of premium nearfield monitors.

    Engineered to the highest standards and build quality, the Gold series are designed to provide the most powerful, accurate and uncolored representation of your music.

    Whether you're a seasoned Tannoy user or just taking your first step into a monitor system based on the legendary Dual Concentric driver, the Golds are your new best sonic friend and most trusted reference for any project.


    Key features
    • Precise and neutral soundstage
    • Dual Concentric driver technology
    • Front-firing bass port
    • Titanium tweeter with Tulip waveguide
    • Class-AB system
    • Transducer-matched LF and HF bi-amplification
    • Dedicated input trim, bass and treble controls
    • Selectable automatic standby mode


    Tannoy - The Voice Of The Artist

    To find out more about Tannoy please visit: www.tannoy.comunnamed.png


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  • McElviss
    Contributor - Level 2

    We're using a pair of B115Ds as our PA system for our three piece band that plays rock covers in bars. We only usually put one vocal mic and a guitar DI through it, but occasionally we mic up the bass drum (but we're looking to buy a sub for that).


    My question is on where to set the level control. If I was using passive speakers with separate power amps, I'd have the power amps on full (ie 0dB) and then control the volume from the desk. With the B115Ds, does the same principle apply? Shoud I have the output set to Max and then control volume by limiting the signal from the desk? I guess the quustion is whereabouts on the dial is 0dB? What has confused me is the marking that says "Line" and then "Mic". Am I risking damage/distortion if I put a line level signal inand have the level set way into the "Mic" region of the control?Capture.JPG

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    • McElviss


      The best way is to first set a good gain structure on the mixer, set the output fader to 0dB and then raise the gain on the speaker to get the required volume level. Setting the speaker gain too high could result in distortion with line-level signals.

      • May 30, 2019
    • McElviss

      Certainly yes to Rex's reply. But as a rule of thumb I have found that with Behringer mixers and various powered speakers I have found the 12 o'clock position to usually be a good starting point.


      P.S. Why are the latest posts not word wrapping properly all of a sudden? 

      • May 30, 2019