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  • Undiy
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi all,

    I'm going to buy a [new] flashback 2, but it has an unusual white box (the ones on the internet have black and blue boxes). Is this one a real TC Electronic product or it may be a fake?



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    • Undiy

      Hi Undiy.

      That's a legit TC Electronic product. 
      Not a fake

      It's simply a matter of alignment of cardboard boxes across all products. Nothing has changed with the product inside. 

      Happy Holidays,

      • December 17, 2019
  • bpmben
    Contributor - Level 1

    Just got a BC208 and it buzzes on the top speaker. My Music tribe case number is 01040995. Help please! 36B171DD-1A9C-45FB-B3C3-E492057A40F2.jpeg


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    • bpmben

      Hi Ben! Let's continue our discussion over on Twitter. We'll get you sorted.



      • December 17, 2019
  • dj_hrk
    Contributor - Level 1

    Everthing updated (Firmware Update in Logic b/c Ableton does not work) ... any ideas why I have no connection to the Hardware in Ableton ?? All Software is latest .. MacOS is Mojave latest (and no - I will not upgrade to Catalina yet ... Photo Attached ----  Thanks a lot for your Help !! 

    Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 13.03.55.png
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    • dj_hrk

      Hi dj_hrk,

      I testing on a similar setup - I have Live 10 Standard 10.1 and a MacBook Pro running macOS 10.14.6 ... have You tried plugging into a USB hub ?

      • November 28, 2019
  • TomR
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi guys,

    I am about to purchase a G-system, but I need to know one thing:

    If I just plug my guitar into the G-System's input, and go from the G-System's mono output straight into the amp's input - NOT using the FX loop at all, will FX like reverb, delay etc work?

    I'm aware that this is not ideal - using the FX loop is a no-brainer - but I am in a situation right now where the FX loop on the amp I'm using is not working at all. I've been having to go straight into the amp input from my FX pedals for a while (I know, it's heresy, but it's what I've got and I have no alternative, with a gig in two weeks).

    I just need to know if I'm still going to be able to use reverb if I totally ignore FX loop configurations and go straight from the pedal to the amp's instrument input.

    Thank you - and sorry to the gear heads I must be upsetting



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  • goldsman
    Contributor - Level 2

    I was wondering if someone could recommend a Toneprint which mimicks a simple delay + octaver effect?   I took a look at the editor and it makes my head spin at first glance...

    I'm trying to get something along the lines of what Neil Young does in "Life a Hurricane"

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    • goldsman

      Hi @goldsman 

      You could try out the Crystal TonePrint which is delay with each feedback going through an octaver. This produces a shimmering effect which is cool for soundscaping and the more ethereal stuff.

      But for Neil Young's tone on Like a hurricane I'd probably go for just a bit of slap back delay on either Tape or Analog and then play an octave interval with my hands. I think there's some reverb on there too. That might be it. 

      Hope you're liking the Flashback 2! 

      Rock on, 


      • December 8, 2019
  • javi_bassist
    Contributor - Level 1


    I've just bought three days ago a TC Electronic Polytune 3 Noir mini and the screen has broken. Do you know how could I replace it?

    Polytune 3_.jpg

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    • javi_bassist

      Hi Javi.

      Are you sure that it's broken?
      Try to remove the protective plastic film and see what it looks like.

      To me it looks like the protective film simply has a few scratches. 
      Or do you mean that the diodes are not lighting up?

      Kind Regards,

      • November 19, 2019
  • -Wabisabi-
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi there,

    I need help please, because I have some problem with the right connection of my G Major I. I've linked my guitar to the combo amp (Roland VGA 5), and after I connected the Line Out (SEND) from my amp to the mono imput of G major and the mono output in Ext In. (RETURN). Is series connection. But I don't know why I can't use the function for mute the output and use the tuner, and also the sound don't work properly, there are so many feedback. I've tried also to activate the function Kill Dry, but nothing. Unfortunately I can't understand the problem. If someone can help me  should be great. Thank you in advance!Roland-VGA-5-V-Guitar-COSM-modeling-Amplifier-100V-DISCONTINUED-_57.jpg

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    • -Wabisabi-

      "Is series connection.", No, it isn't.

      IMO the Roland VGA-5 is an all-in-one solution, so it is not designed to connect with the TC G-Major. You don't need to, because VGA-5 has COSM effects.

      • December 10, 2019
    • -Wabisabi-

      I don't know if it helps now, but  you can't take the line out of an amp and then just sending it again inside the amp!

      I don't know this particular amp, but I am pretty sure it doesn't have an effects loop, so you can use the G-Major only like this: guitar -> G-Major -> amp.

      • February 23, 2020
  • SebastianKuhn
    Contributor - Level 3

    hi all,

    i m searching for the device control software for the LM2 19" device.

    support from TC are not able to help, because the LM2 is too old

    maybe anybody of you can help to find the software. google did not help.

    hope fully any on of you have these software still available.


    thx so much

    all the best



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  • nixx
    Super Contributor - Level 2

    It seems that if TC Electronic won't update their TC Near software, all users of Konnekt (and Impact Twin) audio interfaces are out of luck and won't be able to use their hardware with the upcoming version of macOS. If I'm not mistaken, macOS Catalina will support only 64-bit apps - and TC Near Control Panel is 32-bit

    Is there any chance TC Electronic will update TC Near to support for 64-bit only operating systems? It would be a shame to have all those killer audio interfaces bricked...

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    • nixx

      I agree. but it seems they are not involved in this forum at all. 

      I think it's more for users, cause if you check most posts don't even get replies, sometimes if ure lucky a user will help you out but Tc's staff have not seen em around. 

      • October 3, 2019
    • nixx

      Hello, updated yesterday to OSX Catalina, my  Impact Twin unfortunately does not work, I sent an email to the support, I hope to receive an email from the support, greetings


      • October 10, 2019
    • nixx

      I own a Studio Konnekt 48 and I really love that interface. It is perfect for my recording needs, sounds great and has reasonable latencies. 

      It is a real shame, that TC Electronics don't support this fairly new product. In a time where everybody's talking about the environment and saving resources, it just doesn't seem right that I have to throw away a perfectly good (great actually...) audio interface, just because I wish to upgrade the software on my Mac. 

      Next time I buy an audio product I guess I will spend some time checking out the "end of life" policies of the manufaturer. The software support should last at least as long as the life expectancy of the hardware product.

      I always thought of TC Electronics as a serious and trustworthy manufacturer, but this time you have really let me down...



      • October 14, 2019
    • nixx

      I wonder if TC even exits anymore, after they have been ackquired by Behringer.. 

      • November 25, 2019
    • nixx

      I have the same problem, luckily I was the Beta tester of Catalina and could be able to turn back to previous version. I can not use Catalina just because of this hardware and it is not acceptable.

      TC please answer us with a solution.


      • December 12, 2019
  • TC-Mike
    Triber Moderator

    our team is proud to present the new Hall of Fame 2 x4 :

    hof2 X4.png|en)

    What's new compared to Hall of Fame 2 at a glance?

    - 8 presets in 2 banks (banks can be toggled via foot switches too)

    - 6 toneprint slots to store cutom reverbs or artist toneprints on the hardware

    - 4 customisable MASH switches and Expression pedal (input)  allow for dynamic realtime tweaking of ANY FX parameter

    - Midi implementation allows for remote control of all FX parameters and preset recall 

    -customisable Shimmer reverb and other reverb types  via Toneprint app

    -dip switches for Kill dry and bypass mode can be directly accessed via toggle switches on the backplate

    What do you guys think?

    Any questions? , just let us know..




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    • TC-Mike

      Since some have asked this for the Flashback 2 X4, here are the Midi specs for the Hof 2 X4: 

      hof2 x4 midi implementation.PNG

      • August 25, 2019
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