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  • goaler111
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    Been trying for weeks now to get the X-Touch Mini controller to work with Reaper. Reaper sees it in the Midi devices list. It is set to Control only. In the Control/OSC/web section I have added a Mackie Control Universal and selected the X-Touch Mini as the input and output. I have created a new channel with the ReaControlMidi plugin on it. Beyond that I don't know what to do. On Mac OS 10.13.6.

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  • lztango
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    After following all the steps in the manual (set gain,

    etc ).  When I turn on the board, I immediately get feedback

    I have put all XLR lines in the correct inputs and out puts.

    What am I doing

    wrong ????

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  • MARTIN55
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    Please can anyone tell me how I program the sliders to use with kontakt please ??

    I want to use the sliders for Ableton and Cubase


    I have a Macbook Catalina




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    • MARTIN55


      Which model of X-Touch.

      If it's the full-sized X-Touch, then all assignments are done in the DAW. The full-sized X-Touch is just a clone of the mackie control devices (with extra modes for X/M mixer control). 

      Search for using Mackie Control with Ableton and Cubase. Their user forums are a good place to start.

      • May 31, 2020
  • IvanHart
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    I am considering the X-touch Mini to use as an MC controller for Cubase. I have not been able to confirm that it can be used to control track volume in this mode. Is this possible? If so how?

    If this is not possible please let me know so I can consider other options. I have an X-Touch which I love, but I use that for my XR18 and want something small for my studio desk. 

    Thanks for your time,


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  • sigma


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  • New
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  • PatrikBouldin
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    Hi, I asked this but don't think I did a good job laying it out. I've attached a drawing this time.

    XR-18 connected to X-touch via Cat6, control is there.

    I haven't picked my DAW yet, but I have four questions:

    1 - Can the Cat 6 connection between the XR-18 (on home router network) connect to the WIN PC for the DAW control part? All three are already connected to home network. I see that I can pick the MC mode on Xtouch config, and choose either Network, USB, or Midi. If I pick network it wants either DHCP or not. Once I get the DAW installed will it connect via the Network selection? Do I need to hard code the IP of the PC, or is it asking for an IP setting for the XTouch?


    2 nd question - Must I have that USB connection between the XR-18 and the Windows PC as well in order to get the music to the Win PC? I was hoping it could also use the home ethernet.


    3 - What is the best compatible DAW for my purpose - which is just basic recording and basic editing? Example - if this will work with MixPad that would be great since I know how to use it.


    4 - If I understand the workflow correctly, I can flip the XTouch between controlling the XR-18 and for controlling the DAW?


    Thanks in advance,


    Home Studio.png
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    • PatrikBouldin

      Same setup as mine basically but using a Mac.


      1. Connect Mac/PC via USB to XR18

      2. Check its recognised by your computer as an audio device with 18 ins and outs

      3. You will also see it in your DAW

      4. Turn on router.

      5. Connect your computer via ethernet/WIFI to router network

      6. Make a note of IP address and gateway of router on your computer

      7. Connect Ethernet cable to router and XR18

      8. Toggle switch on front of XR18 to Wifi/Ethernet whichever one you want so wireless or wired connection.

      9. Open X Air app on computer

      10. click setup and choose either WAN/LAN setup depending on wireless or wired.

      11. Connect ethernet cable to XTouch

      12. Connect USB cable to X Touch (NOTE you must have the latest Firmware version to get dual mode feature)

      13. Turn on Xtouch holding down select button on Channel 1

      14. Choose XCT1/MC

      15. Set to Network

      16. Enter IP address that matches the one in settings in X Air app

      17. Turn 3rd Knob to turn DHCP ON

      18. Click Scan


      DONE. So in Theory what should happen when it works is When you toggle the SMPTE/BEATS buttn on your X Touch it goes back and forth between controlling your Mixer/X Air app and then your DAW.

      Hope that helps.


      • June 9, 2020
    • PatrikBouldin

      Best DAW for your  x touch setup


      mac: Logic

      PC: Cubase 


      • June 9, 2020
  • Cstotland
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    I was needing two specifications today in order to purchase some accessories for the Voicelive 3 I just ordered today.  This should have been simple.

    First, unit dimensions for a case.

    Quick Start guide, on page 16, reports.  9"x4"x7" ...which sounds wrong. Reference Guide, on page 179, reports 13.8"x8.5"x3"  which sounds correct....ARE EITHER CORRECT? 

    Next, connectors....those specified as XLR....WHICH GENDER? There are only graphics representing the back panel, no photos.  So which are male and which are female? A simple m or f in the specs would go a long way.

    The simple things are often the hardest. 



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  • sigma
  • IanJTurner
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    I'm using an X-Touch Compact with Cubase 10.  I understand that Mackie Control functionality will vary, depending on the DAW, and I've found that Cubase's implementation lacks a few key features (compared with Logic, for instance).  Whis this in mind I was hoping to use the X-Touch Compact in MC mode for general mixing, and then switch to Standard mode for more detailed editing. So, I have the X-Touch Compact set up as a Mackie Control device in Cubase, and also as a Generic Remote device.

    I worked out how to switch from MC mode to Standard mode and back without having to power off the device, but I discovered an odd anomoly.  Unless I go into Cubase's device set up and remove the X-Touch Compact from the Mackie Control dialogue, then - when in Standard mode, the buttons on the X-Touch Compact all send what appear to be keyboard shortcut style function commands to Cubase (zooming in and out or starting record or playback, for example) - in addition to the commands that I've set up in the Generic Remote. I can see no way to stop this happening - other than removing the device from the Mackie Control dialogue.  I wonder if anyone here can help with this?

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