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  • Calder
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    Ever since updating the firmware to 1.0.02 my Switch 6 does not work.. In the menu there is no option for switch 6 now.. Only switch 3 .. It worked fine for ages and since the update stopped working and on investigation I can see no option to change it to the switch 6 in the menu.


    Can someone help as this is c rucial for my live shows with my band!

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    • Calder

      Hey @Calder,
      In the latest firmware for VoiceLive Touch 2 (1.2.00 build 61) the Switch-6 is indeed still supported.  Please double-check that you're running build 61 by navigating to the last page in the "Setup" menu.  In build 61, in the "Setup" menu, it's on the "System 10/13" page that you can set the "Footswitch" type to "Switch-6".  Cheers!

      • October 11, 2019
    • Calder

      I have the Live Touch 2  and  just recieved the switch 6 today , pluged it in using the cable it came with and NADA  >>> Were you able to fix ? 

      • April 17, 2020
  • QATestAccount
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  • midpres
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    vocals break up on the helicon acoustic. what can I do to overcome this?

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  • lucashoffmansss
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    hello good night need to know why the setup ,pika, hits red but the setup nopikaaa doesent and i think they are exactly the same..what is the diffrence beetween both set ups cant spot it can you tell me please everything looks to be the same what is difrent beetween both setups in link?

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