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  • aitd
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    What’s happening with the poly D? I ordered mine 6 months ago and it just keeps on being delayed over and over again with no reasoning/explanation. I'm getting ready to cancel my order and get something else...

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  • JEWhite
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    Hey all!

    The "Glide" switch and knob do absolutely nothing on my new MS-1. I've seen demos of Roland's MS 101 where the glide or portamento switch and knob are demonstrated. But again, mine does nothing, I have no portamento or glide.

    It's surely an easy fix, some setting or switch I've overlooked. I've contacted Behringer and the seller a few days back, but haven't heard from either.

    Any ideas ...?


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  • sahanna
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    I am fairly new to the MIDI world and have exhausted my online search skills for a solution to my problem.

    I recently purchased the Deepmind 12D and the Motor 49 MIDI Controller keyboard.  I cannot get the aftertouch funtion to work.  The documentation for both units say they both support aftertouch. However when I assign the Pressure function in the Mod Matrix to any available parameter (I started with DCO pitch mod and VCF Frequency and Resonance) I get no effect.  I have tried fully opening and closing the slider control and setting the mix in the Mod Matrix from one extreme to the other and many points in between. Nothing seems to work.

    At this point I am suspect of a malfunction in the Motor 49 but really have little on which to base this.  All other functions of both units, that I've tested to date, have funtioned as expected.

    I really like both these units and would like to resolve this as I don't want to return either.Both are quality products, despite what I've read about Behringer's product history.

    I hope someone will see this and provide some assistance so I may enjoy the full value of the true toy...the Deepmind 12D. A true joy to lose many hours in.

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  • kesha1
    Contributor - Level 3

    I connected Roland PK 5A MIDI output to the Behringer MIDI In, the Motor is connected to a computer with Ableton.

    When I set the Motor MIDI Through settings to Thru or Merge, and the USB Out Mode to Thru or Merge the signal from the Roland goes through the Motor, and is received by the Ableton, but not all the keys all the time are playing, and sometimes a sound keeps playing after I release a key, so, I have to press it again, or engage the Panic button. When the Roland is connected to the Ableton directly, without the Motor it plays perfectly, without any glitches.

    What should I do in order to make the Roland (or any other instrument connected to the Motor's MIDI In) go through normally, without any glitches?

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  • SwedishSurfer
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    Loving my MS 101 so far. But since I went from using the Roland System 1, I dearly miss a few ARP functions that made me fall in love with the synth.

    1. Scatter function that alters the ARP. This function is so simple to implement but is very powerful. It helps u match the groove of your track or sinply create a groovey bassline without the need for sequencing.

    Scatter type and depth is wished for.

    2. ARP step

    1/32, 1/16 , 1/16T 

    1/8 etc.....

    I can imagine there are even fore functions related to this topic that could be implemented.

    Please Behringer, this would make the MS-101 become so much more fun to play with, not needing the daw to make those groovey basslines.




    If these functions could be implemented in the sequencer also, I would be very happy.




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  • Nijelusa
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    Hello! My name is Nijel and I am still learning much with regards to analog synthesizers, as the Behringer Model D is my first one. I noticed it was out of tune, and did the oscillator calibration following the manual. I was wondering what specifically does the oscillator calibration do (and the meaning of scale and ranges for the oscillators and what changing them does)? Also, what is a more detailed purpose of the pitch CV calibration and the octave range calibration, and why these may need to be done along with the oscillator calibration (for ex. does the pitch cv calibration only affect the 1 V/oct cv input? And would changing Osc 2 octave range on the front panel just throw away the oscillator calibration done for the other octaves?) Thank you!
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  • DanFern
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    I've managed to get my Poly D Synced to my Daw's (reaper) midi clock. It was fairly easy even with very little documentation from Behringer. One issue I have though is that the Arpeggiator will only play 16th notes. Is that intended or is there some setting I should be able to tweak to set the arpeggiator rate (1/4, 8th, 16th, 8T, 1/4D, etc). Surely it isn't hard set to 16th notes?


    Thanks in advance



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  • mauronedj
    Contributor - Level 2


    I have a question for all of you Deepmind Nerds:

    How does Sends FX work?

    I want to do this exact thing but I really can't figure out how to do that:

    I want to map an FX send (a reverb) to the modwheel and use that when I want to send a sound that I'm playing (for example at the end of a phrase), you know like a send FX in any DAW.

    The problem is when I put the modwheel down the FX also get shuttered, unlike how send/return works!

    I hope this is clear enough!

    Thanks in advance,


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  • Thanasis
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello, new neutron user here.
    When I crank up the resonance to 3 o'clock and above and do a filter sweep, I hear distortion coming from the overdrive cirquit ,even if the drive knob is fully closed. The only way to clean the signal ,is to put the overdrive level past 10 o 'clock but then the output signal becomes too weak to drive the preamp ,causing unwanted noise .
    Is there any calibration that I can do to overcome this issue?
    Even my MS20 filters are cleaner in full resonance sweeps.

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  • GeeXtreme
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hello everybody!

    Quick intro: Lockdown meant I rebooted an old tech blog I started in 2006 or so, it's been neglected a long time. I'm a professional tech reviewer/writer - have been for almost three decades - and love electronic music. The site was started to let me put all the nerdy/retro things I couldn't publish in magazines, 'cause of space or audience, but I'm now using it more for music-related things.

    As a writer, I'd been asked to do some SEO-style guides for a music shop. I hate SEO - I like content and figure Google will figure it out if it's good. But, when they ended up not really knowing how to use what I'd written to support their sales, I figured I'd repurpose it for my reboot.

    Behringer related: This big roundup/comparison:

    Ultimately, I'd like to run full reviews of these synths at some stage, but in the meantime this is trying to be the guide I wanted when last agonising over how to spend £300 on a synth.

    Some of the specs aren't clear from manuals and so forth - so if anyone with more experience of the synths wants to set me straight, please, do!

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