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  • Ashwinqa000
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    Test word file

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  • MaryM_Gill
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    I sent a .scn file to a friend via email.  When he tries to load it, it says he needs permission.  I have never come across this before.  Any ideas or explanations?  I sent it as an attachment from my Surface Pro desktop and not from a cloud sharing program.  

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  • araut
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  • PXL_Evan
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     I am using a a Xenyx 1202usb and am trying to use the borad for podcasting a for video game e-sports commentary. the problem I am having is being able to send game sound to the board itself but not out put it back to my computer so as no to cause an audio loop. I tryed to achieve this by using a mix minus setup and and control the channels individually by using the FX knob to control output from the board but still be able to the sound through headset micrphones connected directly to the board. I did indead achive the control I wanted but when I outputed the sound from the FX send port back to my computers input the recording sounded terrible! I sounded like all the sound coming into the computer was coming out of a tin can and all distorted. However when I try to output the board audio through the usb to the computer it all sound fine but loose the ability to control the game audio onthe board becasue i am not using the FX send port onthe borad. 


    I am at a total loss. I have been working on this for 3 day try to figure out how to get this to work and It just wont. Please help. I have scowered these forums and no one has answered this problem.

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  • mjscalesjr
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    I am considering purchasing a WING to replace my X32. I have 22 microphones coming from one location, 16 microphones from another location. I've been successful running microphones via SD16's into A and B (not cascaded... because they're coming from 2 locations not near one another). However, the new configuration will see 22 microphones scattered across a great distance in the same room and rather than run long XLR cables back to one SD32, I would like to cascade 4 SD8s filling SD8 1 & 2 with 8 ins each, SD8 3 & 4 with 3 each. Can I cascade that deep?

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    • mjscalesjr


      Hello, Yes, as long as you dont excede 48x48 on a single port (Wing has 3!)


      EDIT: You should be able to link 6 SD8's per port for the 48 inputs. The XLR output options would still be restricted to a choice of the 3 provided switch positions for each SD8. Out 1-8/out 9-17 and out 17-24. So even though there could be 6 sets of XLR outs, only 3 options as to what would be output from any of them. Ultranet for all is aes50a 33-48.

      • June 4, 2020
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