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  • araut
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  • lisandy
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    Hello, does anybody know, how to record simultaneously more than one track with the XR18 in Cubasis 3.

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  • shuptuu
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    For those who are looking for a way to control a Begringer X-AIR digital mixer or Midas M-AIR digital mixer over a local network, using an X-Touch Mini USB Midi Controller and X-AIR Edit or M-AIR Edit: I did a small app that I share free of charge. I called it "TheLink".

    In action:

    To get it: 


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  • paka
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    I'm using X Air Android app to control XR16 mixing console. Please is there any way how to chnage the color schema the app uses ? Even manual way by editing some file would be ok..  I would like to use a hybrid device, which is actually 8" Android tablet equipped with e-ink b/w display, to control it - which works, but some of the color used by default are almost not readable (The advantage for using such device is very good visibility even on direct sunlight, and also good batttery lifeteme as no backlight is needed)



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    • paka


      Hello Pavel, welcome to the community.


      I don't think this is possible with the XAir app for Android. The Mixing Station XAir Pro app has selectable colour schemes, though. This app is a later development of the standard XAir app by the same author. It has many improvements including the ability to create custom layouts. The Pro version is a paid-for app but it is well-worth the small price. The app is frequently updated with user-requested features.

      • May 10, 2020
  • arkatten
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    just got my x32 today , and out of the box the 48volt power buttons dont seem to light up .

    and i cant get a signal from my condensor mic ..

    ive checked the manual and cant find anywhere other than the button on the desc to switch it on or off.

    and this doesnt work .


    any ideas ?



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    • arkatten


      Hello Ryan, welcome to the community.


      The button on the console affects the preamp for the currently selected channel. Each channel has independent settings for gain, phantom, etc. 


      You can also see/change the preamp settings on the Setup -> Preamps tab.

      • June 3, 2020
    • arkatten

      yeah , i got to that page , and i was able to switch the power on and off from the preamps page 2nd button from the left makes the 48v light up yellow on the display , 

      however this doesnt seem to make any difference , im still not getting a siganl coming in , or the 48v light on the desc to light up?



      • June 3, 2020
  • CharlesLiu
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    Anyone tried downloading M32 Edit 4.1?  I tried running this on my mac under macOS 10.15.3 Catalina.  Any pointer?



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  • Heavensgate
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  • joluk
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    Hey there,

    I recently got my S16 and discovered today that I have a weir crackling sound on my headphones when using the phones output to monitor inputs.
    The crackling only apears on XLR Inputs on the S16. When I monitor an XLR Out the sound is clear and I have no problems.

    The input signal on my console is also clear and has no crackling in it.

    I hope somebody has a solution for that problem.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • HeartLander
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    I am setting up an X32 for the first time.
    The House of Worship I support acquired a used one recently.
    I'm trying to decide the best way to color the 'colorables'. 
    What works best in your application?  

    Input channels include:
    Feeds from computer, CD playback, etc
    Spoken word mics (wireless headworn, wireless handheld, wired lectern)
    Typical praise band instruments (drums, bass, guitars, keys)
    Praise band vocals (worship leader, backing vocalists)

    For traditional worship we also have:
    Grand piano
    Choir mics

    I also need to color these 'aux send' mixes:
    Floor monitors

    I also need to cover these 'group' mixes:
    Playback devices
    Spoken word
    Band Vocals
    Choir mics

    I also need to cover these DCA groups (used by our greenest operators):
    Playback devices
    Band instruments
    Band vocals

    And finally, I will also need to cover these matrices:
    Main front (L&R)
    Main rear (L&R)
    Cry room
    Hearing assist transmitter

    Thanks in advance




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  • millibobs
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi - had this desk a few years and now want to rack mount it, but lost the supplied rack wings. Anyone know where I can pick up a pair - they seem to be rare as unicorns........many thanks

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