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  • BerlinChurchCol
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    Hello, My church has a Behringer X 32 mixer going to an S-32. We have been using the aux channels for inputs from a mobile device, CD player, and audio from video. A couple of weeks, the sound coming from the Aux channels has been very distorted. Most of the mid-range and vocal audio is absent or sounds far away. As a test, I connected my phone to an XLR channel on the S 32. After making this connection the audio coming from my mobile device sounded great. Therefore, I believe there is something wrong with the Aux channels. If anyone has a suggestionOr advice and remedying this issue please let me know. Thank you very much.
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  • TroyHornbrook
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    Hi All,

    I suspect there are some folks here using XR or MR series mixers as a sub mixer, or with the need to only connect one display device reliably.


    So FYI to whoever is interested: you can directly connect the XAir app on iPad via ethernet to XR12. The XR16 and XR18 should work the same way.  Here's how I do it:

    I use apple's USB3 camera connection kit with lightning power, and the tried and true MC704LL/a Apple USB2 to Ethernet adapter.

    The lightning power cord charges the ipad but does not power the Ethernet Adapter, so I need to use a USB2 Powered Hub with it's own power supply in between the Camera Connection Kit and the Ethernet adapter to get the Ethernet adapter powered properly.

    So, it's a mess of cables and devices, but it works like a charm. You may consider getting an extension lightning cable to run to your iPad, so all the junk (adaptors, power supplies, USB Hub, etc.) can go into a neat little box or zipper bag sitting near the XR (or in a rack drawer if the XR is racked).

    Here are Some additional notes on direct connection of iPad to XR:


    My iPad Ethernet connection is set to "Manual" as follows:  IP Address; Subnet Mask; Router


    In order to connect the iPad directly to XR without a router, you need to connect the iPad wirelessly via XR Access Point first, then flip the switch on the XR to Ethernet once connected by Access Point.  The XR will find the Ethenet connection automatically.  Once it does, you then switch to airplane mode on the iPad.


    You will now be good to go for your gig/session without wi-fi flakiness.  I often leave my mixer on all week, and the connection is there waiting for me when I return.  Even if you use the home button to exit or switch apps, the connection will remain in place.  


    However, once you "hard close" the XR app on the iPad (or if it aborts), you will need to take the ipad out of airplane mode, and flip the switch on the XR to "Access Point" in order to connect to the XR again.


    Also, the powered camera connection kit has a lightning connecter so you need a lightning equipped iPad for this setup to work.


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  • TomShields
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    I've got a head-scratcher going on. 

    Basic setup info:

    Dual X32 racks; #2 serves as additional channel input and backup mixer.  P16M personal monitors, with a P-16D hub driving the P16Ms.  Laptop running Reaper as the DAW, connected to the X32 master unit via USB using the X-USB driver.  I use the X32 racks as FOH mixers when playing out, and as an audio interface in my studio when rehearsing and recording. My FOH mains are E-V self-powered units.

    It’s not a complicated use: a small band that plays out occasionally, and rehearses and records in my studio.

    What I'd like to accomplish:

    After a recording session, when playback is necessary - for just listening, re-tracking, or punching in - I would like the option of having playback available through:

    -  P16M system
    -  Near field monitors
    -  Mains

    ...preferably all within the same output routing setup.

    I have achieved 2 out of 3.

    I should clarify / reiterate that I am using X32 racks, and the accompanying X-Air software, not a full X32 console.

    In the DAW software, I have no individual channel hardware sends set except for being sent to the master L/R, which is mapped to hardware (USB) outputs CH 1-2.

    For playback through the P16 system, I used a tip on one of Behringer's videos and remapped AUX IN (on the INPUTS tab on the Routing page) on one of the two selectable radio buttons to CARD 1-2.  Mapped ULTRANET inputs 1-2 to DIRECT OUT AUX outputs 1-2.  (By default the AUX INs and OUTs are mapped 1:1, otherwise this would have driven me crazy.) This gives me a stereo master output send from the DAW:  DAW MASTER 1-2 >> hardware out 1-2 >> USB 1-2 >> AUX IN 1-2 >> AUX OUT 1-2 >> ULTRANET 1-2 >> P16M CH 1-2.  This works well.

    For playback to a pair of nearfield monitors, in the XLR OUTPUT section I mapped XLR OUTPUT 1-4 to receive input from CARD 1-8.  I'm feeding the nearfield monitors with XLR hardware outputs 1-2.  This also works well.

    Where I'm stuck:  I'd like to also route the same DAW MASTER 1-2 (output to USB 1-2) to the mains, which are receiving signal by default from hardware XLR OUT 7-8. I've tried a number of things to route that signal logically within the X32 to XLR 7-8 to no avail.  

    BTW through all this mapping the X32 analog inputs to the mains are working as normal (as in X32 analog input >> mains on all channels as if using for FOH).

    I hope I’ve explained myself adequately but… you never know!

    Thanks for any help.




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  • Niv
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    I have the routing menu showing on the Wing main screen.

    If I change, on the secondary panel (near the small screen), the type of the channel from mono to stereo or vice versa, the channel is not updated on the main routing screen.

    This option that allows you to change the type of the channel so easily without leaving the routing screen, is very useful, but if the routing screen is not refreshed it is very confusing.

    Hope this can be fixed.

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  • GinoLozano
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    How are you all,Tribe?

    I need to know where is the fuse of the power source of Eurorack Mx1604A console.Thanks.

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  • manavees
    Contributor - Level 1

    I would like to buy 19" rack ears for xenyx 1204usb.

    Anyone has any idea where i can find them? 

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  • MaryM_Gill
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    I sent a .scn file to a friend via email.  When he tries to load it, it says he needs permission.  I have never come across this before.  Any ideas or explanations?  I sent it as an attachment from my Surface Pro desktop and not from a cloud sharing program.  

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  • PXL_Evan
    Contributor - Level 1

     I am using a a Xenyx 1202usb and am trying to use the borad for podcasting a for video game e-sports commentary. the problem I am having is being able to send game sound to the board itself but not out put it back to my computer so as no to cause an audio loop. I tryed to achieve this by using a mix minus setup and and control the channels individually by using the FX knob to control output from the board but still be able to the sound through headset micrphones connected directly to the board. I did indead achive the control I wanted but when I outputed the sound from the FX send port back to my computers input the recording sounded terrible! I sounded like all the sound coming into the computer was coming out of a tin can and all distorted. However when I try to output the board audio through the usb to the computer it all sound fine but loose the ability to control the game audio onthe board becasue i am not using the FX send port onthe borad. 


    I am at a total loss. I have been working on this for 3 day try to figure out how to get this to work and It just wont. Please help. I have scowered these forums and no one has answered this problem.

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  • mjscalesjr
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    I am considering purchasing a WING to replace my X32. I have 22 microphones coming from one location, 16 microphones from another location. I've been successful running microphones via SD16's into A and B (not cascaded... because they're coming from 2 locations not near one another). However, the new configuration will see 22 microphones scattered across a great distance in the same room and rather than run long XLR cables back to one SD32, I would like to cascade 4 SD8s filling SD8 1 & 2 with 8 ins each, SD8 3 & 4 with 3 each. Can I cascade that deep?

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    • mjscalesjr


      Hello, Yes, as long as you dont excede 48x48 on a single port (Wing has 3!)


      EDIT: You should be able to link 6 SD8's per port for the 48 inputs. The XLR output options would still be restricted to a choice of the 3 provided switch positions for each SD8. Out 1-8/out 9-17 and out 17-24. So even though there could be 6 sets of XLR outs, only 3 options as to what would be output from any of them. Ultranet for all is aes50a 33-48.

      • June 4, 2020
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