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  • richg45
    Contributor - Level 1

    Can you use a different mixer with the Inspire 1000? I need more channels

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    • richg45


      Yes. That's the way most people would use it. 

      • January 12, 2020
    • richg45

      I'm a Mobile Dj and use this behringer mixer to give me a few more channels, for say more mics or instruments, or emergency inputs like a phone or another bluetooth receiver. The mixer allows me to have an output channel for a monitor in which I control the volume right on the mixer. It also allows me more headroom, more volume control than just a computer and a controller by itself.  
      BehringerX1204 USB - 12 Input 2/2 Bus Mixer with EFX and USB

      • January 18, 2020
  • JeffVance
    Contributor - Level 2

    Anyone else have a similar experience? One of my ip2000s started making some extremely audible cracking sounds in the high and mid-high sections. Removing all inputs, turning down the master volume and input gains had no effect.

    I applied a sharp percussive maintenance to the back panel and the behavior stopped and did not return for the rest of the night. Physical inspection of the amp section did not show anything out of sort, but I did reseat the input to power amp ribbon cable for good measure. 

    I'll update here if it happens again.




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    • JeffVance


      Hello, I like your method


      "I applied a sharp percussive maintenance to the back panel"


      Sometimes my preferred tool over all is the hammer!


      • March 14, 2020
  • robykock
    Contributor - Level 2

    Hi I am helping a customer but not sure the proper mounts to use for the IP300 to hang them or suspend them from wall.  What is best practice for doing this?


    [email protected]

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  • crystalgipsy
    Contributor - Level 1

    I have had a pair of XT6F for a while but really struggling to get a satisfactory sound from them. They seem very harsh at the top end and have boomy bass. They replaces a similar sized speaker that did not exhibit any of this. 

    Tried positioning and follow as closs as I can the positioning from the manual but it even brigher if I use the severe toe in recommend.

    I'm getting to the end of my tether with them so any ideas welcome. They sounded so much nicer when I heard them in shop. So likely my room is the key but I can't change this.



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    • crystalgipsy

      Hi there, no offence, do you checked the connection polarity? If it is correct you could try to avoid the proximity from any reflective surface, like windows or mirrors. I hope this help, best regards

      • February 26, 2020
  • Srinaldi12
    Contributor - Level 1

    I have a blown speaker.  I have a set of Tannoy Revolution mini xt.  I have contacted the dealer, and created a service ticket.  Noone has been of any help.  I absolutely love these speakers.  I don't want to go another route, but I'm on the verge of giving up and just buying another set of speakers from another manufacturer.  It's still under warranty and it's getting frustrating.

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  • JayAlper
    Contributor - Level 3

    I recently bought a Turbosound iQ12 speaker and noticed the firmware loaded on it is version 2.1. I see that there is now a version 2.2 firmware for that speaker. The release notes for version 2.2 list some improvements, but the previous version shown in the notes is version 1.9, not 2.1 (in fact, no mention of version 2.1 at all). So, I'm assuming the version 2.2 changes show what is different between v.2.2 and v1.9. 

    So, I'm wondering what the specific differences are between iQ firmware 2.2 and 2.1?

    Thanks in advance for any info!


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    • JayAlper


      Far from certain here but I suspect very little different. I would bet you have a prerelease version of 2.2 and it could in fact be the same, differing only by name. I have seen listings in other product firmware versions where a version is listed but was not offered as a public update. On my end here I see no 1.9 or 2.1. Only 1.7 and 2.2. Just guessing of course, 

      • April 14, 2020
    • JayAlper


      Funny, I ran across this while looking for something else!

      iQ-Series Firmware Update Version 2.2 - (22 January 2019)

      Turbosound iQ-Series

      Firmware update for Turbosound iQ-Series amplified speakers.

      We recommend downloading and installing the most recent firmware from to ensure optimal performance of your product.

      Your speaker models can either contain Version 1 or Version 2 firmware, which was introduced as a running change in 2018. There is no functionality or performance differences in hardware A and B and this change was due to silicon obsolescence only. Please note this does mean the software in the display/menu will show as FW: V2.2. Both Models HW:A & HW:B are fully supported from a warranty perspective.

      To install the firmware update on Turbosound DSP modules:

      1. press SETUP while switching the unit on

      2. Connect your Windows PC to the speaker’s USB port

      3. Then run the executable “TURBOSOUND UsbUpdate_V2.2.exe” that you downloaded and unpacked from our website.

      2.2 (2019-01-22)

      New features:

      • Improved input modes: Analog, Ultranet and Auto.

      • Separate P16 page for Ultranet setup.

      • Active Ultranet channel is shown on main screen.

      • Improved parameter save and several fixes.

      • Improved limiter behavior.

 page 1 of 2

      1.9 (2016-07-01)

      New features:

      • Improved ULTRANET stability

      • Improved behaviour in low temperature operation (below 0 °C)

      • Support for upcoming TS products (new series)




        1.7 (2014-06-10)

        New features:

      • support for NuQ, TCS and TSP series

      • support for Turbosound Edit remote application 1.0 (2014-12-04)

      iQ series production release

      © Music Tribe Global Brands Ltd. All rights reserved.
      All information in this document is subject to change without any further notice.

 page 2 of 2



      • April 14, 2020
    • JayAlper


      Thanks for the info. I suspect you're right that v2.1 and v2.2 are essentially the same. Maybe, v2.1 is the version they ship loaded on the hardware and v2.2 is the version they offer as the final downloadable release on the website. In fact I seem to recall there was (is?) something similar in the (sister company) Behringer X32 firmware releases, where firmware ending in an odd number was basically the development/beta tester version and firmware ending in an even number is what was released to the general public.

      Anyway, I'm hoping there isn't much (if any) difference between the iQ v2.1 and v2.2 frimware.

      BTW, if/when Turbosound do release a new version of the iQ firmware, is it true that you can not perform a Turbosound iQ firmware update on a Mac? That would be REALLY disapointing! I would hate to think I've got to buy a Windows PC (or, buy a Windows license and repartition the drive on my MacBook Pro) just to update the iQ firmware.


      • April 16, 2020
  • JulienRutyna
    Contributor - Level 1


    Je possède depuis 1 an 2 ip3000, j'ai deja eu 2 retour de garantie car une colonne s'est arreté d'un coup en pleine soirée. L'ecran reste allumé, les fonctions sont accessible mais aucun son ne sort.
    Aujourd'hui j'ai encore un probleme avec des coupures de son de 2 secondes toutes les 3 minutes sur une colonne.
    Je ne comprend pas cette enorme manque de fiabilité pour une marque comme Turbosound surtout que je fais attention a mes volumes d'entrée , j'ai lu sur les forums que c'est un soucis recurrent sur ce modele. Que puis je faire pour ne plus avoir de soucis car j'aime beaucoup ce modele qd il fonctionne.
    Merci beaucoup

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  • Jors
    Contributor - Level 2


    Purchased 2 B115W some months ago.

    Anyone knows which bluetooth audio codecs are supported? (despite SBC).


    Many thanks

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  • gm12338
    Contributor - Level 1

    I sent back a Samson VX8.1 line array pa unit that was not working properly and decided instead to buy a Turbosound IP1000 which I rec'd 10/12/2019.  I only ran the IP1000 a few hours to practice on my Roland RD-2000. The rear metal plate where inputs plug in, gets almost too hot to touch.  Should I be concerned about internal heat build up as I don't see a visible cooling fan nor any air vent ports.  On the Samson VX8.1 I returned, plus many other models I've researched, do have a visible cooling fan and or air venting with some having possible non-visible internal fans. On this blog somewhere, I read someone was asking IF there was an effective way to retrofit a cooling fan solution for their speaker.  I do "know" that excessive heat does in fact break down electronics over time.  IS there any internal fan or any air porting/venting in any of the Turbosound Inspire IP1000 thru IP3000 models? I like the sound I'm hearing, I'm also thinking about pa system longevity too.






















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  • Farsetbelfast
    Contributor - Level 1

    Hi guys I'm looking for processor settings for turbosound tq315.

    If it helps I'll be running them passively using a turbosound lms d24 processor. 

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