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  • kmchez
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    I have  blown crossover.  I thought I blew the horn, but after replacing it, the scratchy sound cutting in and out is still there.  Can someone direct me where I can replace this part?  I can seem to find options for it.


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  • sigma


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  • Klaudia114
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    I have had my 2 EuroLive B115D speakers for a few years. i love them. just the other day i went to turn one on and the top speaker part (called 1.35" compression transducer in the manual/brochure) is not producing any sound only the bottom half of the speaker. it sounds like as if there if a cloth muffling the top speaker part. Does any one know if i can fix this at home somehow or not where i could buy a part to fix it? Thanks.

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  • ccrump98
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    How can I connect an Orange Crush amplifier to the Behringer X32 compact? 

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  • jalexander510
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        I recently purchsed used 800a monitors (with matching sub) and they had some of the best imaging ever heard, but they did not last long. The Right speaker was dead in the water, when I opened it up, the LM317/LM337 transisters looked fried, so I replaced them. In the process the board started to delaminate in around the holes. I just used jumber wires to what I thought were obvious places, but now I have sound but its only static. 

         I would like to replace the amp with original on the one monitor or use a similar active amp to replace both speakers. I assume I would just have to match the crossover network before it splits to the amps. I really want to use these monitors again because I just got them last month. Can some please guide me a bit?

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  • Ultradj
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  • ZDD1010
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    Hello all. I recently purchased the Studio 50USB studio monitors from a seller on Reverb. The package is an unopened package and the speakers were brand new warranty replacements. Initially, when I turned the speakers on, there was a repetetive clicking and the speaker turned on and off with the clicking every second or so. With some work with the power cable, I was able to get the speakers to stay on, however, now there is no sound coming from them at all. I was using the quarter inch input ports as well as the usb ports directly from my computer. Anybody have an idea of what the problem could be?

    TL;DR - Speakers are new but no sound comes out when powered on.

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  • rodj54
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    How long did it take for a response from the Tribe? My Behringer Sub woofer 1500 when out and I just had it for 6 months. Are the fast enough to get my work order number? I tool the speaker there just waiting them

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  • Jesus1
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    Hola estoy a punto de comprar de segunda mano dos eurolive b1500d pro, por 500€. Veo que este modelo no está en catálogo, cuál es el que lo sustituye, porque el vq1500d parece más pequeño en potencia y el b1500xp es de más potencia.

    Me recomendáis la compra o mejor unos nuevos? Gracias 

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  • bossofsound
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    How to become an authorized agent of the company turbosound in Egypt? What are the conditions for establishing an accredited maintenance center in Egypt?
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