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  • raisingabel
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    I have a Dell Spectre 360 that is a lot faster than my pc for recording. I want to migrate to my laptop. It only has USB 3.1 or thunderbolt or USB type C gen 1.   What do I need to get this done. Suggestions?

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    • raisingabel


      A USB A to B cable for the normal USB port. A USB C to B cable (or USB C to A adapter & normal A - B cable) for USB C. USB 3.1 is backward compatible with USB 2.

      • January 29, 2020
  • New
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  • sandrocavali
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    X-Touch One brand new firmware 1.07

    DOES work with older Windows computers

    DOES NOT work with brand new HP Envy AMD Ryzen 7 3700 notebook. Windows 10 build 1903 completely updated.

    USB "Driver Error" message. Reinstalled all possible combinations of drivers, Updated all possible updates. No antivirus, no firewall. Tried several cables. Tried third party drivers.

    Anyone has the same problem? Thank you!

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  • NGonz
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    Hello All,

    I just want to state upfront I'm a hobbyist and not well schooled in the fine arts of musical recording. 

    Here is my setup info: I have a Mac OSX (MacBook Pro - Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) running Catalina (10.15.3). I'm using Garageband (10.3.4) along with a Behringer UMC202HD 192K. I just putz around and so far this setup works for me as I'm just using it now for the sound effects for my guitar.

    With that being said - here is my problem that I'm hoping somebody has an answer to. I can plug up my guitar to Garageband and everything works, however, after around 3 seconds the guitar input audio drops/cuts-out. I'm not playing loud enough or have enough of an input signal to where it's clipping (and I don't think even if it did clip it would go silent). I'm not well-versed enough (although I am computer technical) to know if this is a noise gate, maybe something with the USB, buffering, or what.

    My input and output are two different sources as I saw some related problem were they thought this could have an impact. I've searched the internet at length and am finding some people that have similar problems but no real solutions.

    Any guideance/support would be appreciated. I do want to start doing some actual recordings but this is driving me nuts.

    Thanks, NG.






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  • DAP4920
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    I don't think I was clear in my last post: Actually I want to know how to control for example an equalizer using X Touch functions. Can someone help me? I am currently using DAW Reaper. Thanks.

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  • sigma


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  • FrankdeGroodt
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the X-touch mini in MC mode to control the track send levels on the XR12 busses? So not the bus levels but the actual track levels going into a bus.



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  • Countrokula
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    Hey there, quick question, anyone have experience with the monitor 1? I'm looking to install it at my venue, just want to know if I can run audio through the xlr and 3.5mm at the same time? I'd like to have my tvs and ipod hooked up, then balance the signal on the devices, or use one or the other without having to unplug.

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