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  • Bigdutch
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    What about I nice retro sampling keyboard with some modern additions- no such thing nowdays.

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  • wftlrd
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    post your feature requests here.


    • din sync24 in
    • when in midi sync mode midi note in (and pitchbend) changes key of pattern
    • synthtool sequence editor; transpose, randomiser, brush tool, copy and paste notes, add accent with key+mouseclick
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  • Thanasis
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    Hello, new neutron user here.
    When I crank up the resonance to 3 o'clock and above and do a filter sweep, I hear distortion coming from the overdrive cirquit ,even if the drive knob is fully closed. The only way to clean the signal ,is to put the overdrive level past 10 o 'clock but then the output signal becomes too weak to drive the preamp ,causing unwanted noise .
    Is there any calibration that I can do to overcome this issue?
    Even my MS20 filters are cleaner in full resonance sweeps.

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  • Swisstony10
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    Just integrated a TD-3 into my studio, and I'm loving it so far, except for one minor issue.  I can't seem to control anything about it from Cubase.  It's taking midi sync perfectly happily, over USB, but all I can do is start/stop it with the transport controls.

    What I really need to be able to do is to send pattern change information during a project to switch patterns, and also send start/stop signals to it via midi. At the moment I can just have it playing all the time throughout the project.  The midi implementation table in the user guide that came with it isn't terribly useful in helping me work out which controls I need to send it from Cubase to do start/stop and switch patterns.  Any advice gratefully received! 

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  • riffjam
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    A ( 3 ) x 3340 VCO, ( 3 ) x LFO version of the "Crave"? CAST your VOTE in my "Crave 3" Synth Poll!  How about a full-featured workstation keyboard small enough to carry in a gig-bag and play anywhere? Or how about a "live performance" synth that allows you to tweak 27-synth parameters simultaneously from one hand as your other plays the keyboard? These are just a few of my crazy synth design ideas. Would you like to see Behringer produce any of these? Take a look:  Tomm's Crazy Synth Designs

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    • riffjam

      Hi Tommy,

      thanks for your input.

      is your Crave 3 idea meant to be a monosynth too?

      What filter should it have ? the same as the Crave ( Moog ladder) or a different one eg the multimode filter from the Neutron?

      i think i'd keep the sequencer rather if it is meant to be a 3 osc mono

      From your other design drafts i like the idea of a sample based portable "workstation" kind of keyboard- an updated Rompler design loaded with high quality bread and butter sounds , enough voices and maybe an analog filter to round it all off

      best regards,






      • June 24, 2019
  • Oskoskosk88
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    Hi! I´m a guitarist who just ordered the Behringer K-2. What keys can I connect to it? I have a Komplete Kontrol A49, will this work?





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  • synthman2017
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    Hi all. Help!I literally just purchased a brand new Odyssey and for some unknown reason a note is permanently on. I can't stop it and the ADSR has no effect. Is it possible that the synth is in some test mode?

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    • synthman2017

      Make sure your VCA GAIN slider is fully down, it confuses a lot of people who think you need to turn the amplifier up to hear it especially with the lack of a dedicated volume knob, but that is taken care of by the AR /ADSR slider.

      • October 19, 2019
  • Hans-Georg
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    Hi All,

    Does anyone knows, how the COPY, PASTE buttons work on the TD-3?

    I appreciate your reply.

    Kind Regrads

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    • Hans-Georg

      1.Mode: Write

      2.Function:normal mode source pattern

      4.while  pressing FUNCTION Button  press ( 1.copy 2.destination pattern 3. paste)

      5. release FUNCTION button happy

      Grüße, Marco


      • January 8, 2020
  • john103
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  • 3phase
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    Its not possible to create care tickets..there is no place to report bugs..

    So how can we hope for bugs to be fixed? 

    Is it better to return the synths to the seller?

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