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    I bought a pair of Nekkst K6 (Brand new) and found that 1 piece has two defection spot on a subwoofer.

    Could I claim this piece of speaker with a Distributor in my country ?

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  • AyChords
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    I bought a subwoofer THRUTH B2029A (fairly used) on eBay, and after carefully reading the manual and following the voltage selection procedures, I powered on the subwoofer. After awhile (5min) I discovered the woofer was seriously heating, and shut down after some minutes. I thought it was disconnected from the mains but not. I troubleshoot (checked and replaced the fuse) but it was not coming up.
    Later I discovered the toroidal transformer is faulty.
    Now I want to replace the transformer, what’s the specifications I should be looking for.? And what’s the voltage that enters to the PCB of B2029A?

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  • shiyah
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  • EllisLampman
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    Does running IEM (earbuds) like Westones out of the HA8000 work well? Obviously a 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter is needed, but I'm more concerned with the impedence working with earbuds as opposed to headphones.

    The 1/4" phone jack out of my Mimic Pro drum module sounds terrible with my IEMs, so I think thats an impedance issue with it being designed for over-the-ear headphones.

    Anybody know about this?


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    • EllisLampman


      Westone IEMs usually have an impedance of 19 Ohms. The HA8000 V2 can drive headphones with impedance as low as 8 Ohms so should be fine. The combination of Westone's high sensitivity with the high output level of the HA8000 could make them very loud. Be careful with the level controls!

      • May 29, 2020
  • marianorusso
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    I need to activate warranty support (as required by your Support Request Response (Case: 01.032.712)
       communicating: • current postal address (including City / Postcode / Country) via gabriele jannelli 23 80129 napoli italy
    • Serial number of your item (foto)
    • Proof of purchase * enquire  pdf
    to obtain RMA number and service center.
      do you give me instructions?

    [email protected]
    serial mixer beringer.jfif

    fattura beringher mixer.pdf
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    • marianorusso

      @marianorusso They have stopped putting date code stickers on a lot (if not all) of their products. Your date code would by March 2018 which is the first 4 digits after the S in the serial number.

      • November 21, 2019
  • stevejacobsen1
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    What's the difference between the level contols for main and the output level control?

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    • stevejacobsen1

      Hi Steve,


      What do you mean? What sort of product are you talking about?

      The term MAIN is generally reserved for an overall Master volume control, and Output level control might be for several individual signals that a device is able to control. That might be for a mixer, or, I'm guessing on this particular forum, 2x Aux Sends from a mixer into your In-Ear-Monitors. The Output level controls how much of each signal you receive, and the Main controls the overall volume.


      Cheers, Luke

      • December 24, 2019
  • changareth
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    I dunno why my P16M suddenly stopped working yesterday. It wont start up. Every time I press the power on button it makes this high pitch sound but nothing turns on. I have a video of it here on that high pitch sound. I hope you can guide me to the right direction.

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    • changareth


      Hello, it might be worth a shot at trying a differnt power supply or using an ultranet port of the sd8/sd16 which requires only an lan cable. Looks like it may be more of an issue that will require repair but nothing to lose by trying. There are many supplies that will work if you check the dc uotput.

      • March 28, 2020
    • changareth
      changareth Ah. thanks man. I tried a different power supply and i do remember trying just ethernet cable and the same thing still happens just so sudden tho. been using this machine for so long. How can I repair this? I saw this is actually a replacement part for the whole piece like the whole board inside or something.
      • March 28, 2020
  • BillFleming
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    Up until recently we have been running a single P16D distributor to send audio over PoE to our P16Ms; we have the P16D connected into a Midas DL16 stagebox which then connects into a Midas M32 console.

    We recently expanded our stage setup by adding a 2nd DL16 and have installed two wall mounted racks - the racks are located on each side of the stage and each contains one of the DL16s. We would like to add a 2nd P16D so one is located in each rack. The question is can a 2nd P16D be plugged into the Ultranet port on the 2nd DL16 just as the first P16D is plugged into the first DL16? If so are there any configuration settings that need to be tweaked on the M32 to get this to work?

    Thanks, Bill

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    • BillFleming



      Hello, should work just fine as long as your aes50 a and b 33-48 are set for p16 1-16-assuming they are on different ports. No issues at all if daisy chained as both carry the same assignment.


      Aes50 33-48 is what the ultranet ports of a DL/S16 are fixed at. Default settings for aes50a/b 33-48 on an M/X32 are p16 1-8 and p16 9-16. IF you change either routing group to be something else other than p16, that will be what is carried by that particular DL16's ultranet port. That ability can also be your friend should you WANT different sources on either one....or drive you mad if you don't and wonder why.

      • April 16, 2020
    • BillFleming

      Thanks Gary, I think I follow.

      You said  "No issues at all if daisy chained as both carry the same assignment." I have both DL16s running off of AES-A which I would also call daisy-chained. I just want to make sure we're on the same page because I work on the board fairly infrequently and the routing interface makes a little more sense to me than it first did a year and a half ago but nonetheless it's still a bit of a mystery. I would love to see a video on M32 routing where it is explained in great detail but also starts out at a high level and is not over in under five minutes - the Midas videos are very good but routing at least in the IT world can be a complex topic in and of itself.

      Once we get the 2nd P16D and plug it in I should be able to get it going. I'm pretty sure our Ultranet ports are still set to their defaults 1-8 and 9-16. I have to head back to the church next week to spin up some Ethernet connections so will check then. I do have a 2nd question regarding how the input port numbers were shifted after I added the 2nd DL16, but I'll start a 2nd thread for that one in case I can't find the answer elsewhere.

      Thanks again. 

      • April 17, 2020
  • SinisterDamned
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    I have a pair of studio 50 usb monitors. They are out of warranty the shop said. I want to know where I can buy the circuit board for it so to replace on my own to save a few $$$. Yes, I'm cheap. Photo attached from the repair shop.

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  • ssamedia
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    I have an AMP800 headphone amp trying to order original power supply can't find anyone ever have to replace before? If so was it a generic vs original?

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