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  • MiMAO
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    Hey, I purchsesed the MPA40BT-PRO three Months ago and tried to use the battery powered mode for the first time last week, it lasted 10 minutes instead of the promised 12 hours...

    I assume that it has a faulty battery, where do I get a replacement. 

    Thanks, Pat

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  • trapiche
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    Hi all!
    A week ago I bought a B115W, for now I only use it to listen to music in my house. But I have noticed that the rear control panel gets quite hot (near burning the hand) despite being at a soft volume.
    In theory it is a class D amp with SMPS power supply and should run cool ....
    What is the normal operating temperature?
    thanks to everyone

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  • maldcroft
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    Just received my Behringer mpa40bt Pro. Charging it before use as instructed. Should all four LED lights be lit at the same time?

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  • sigma
  • Gagandeep
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    I have ip 15b, its output channels are working good but sub has no audio output 

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  • araut
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  • McElviss
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    We're using a pair of B115Ds as our PA system for our three piece band that plays rock covers in bars. We only usually put one vocal mic and a guitar DI through it, but occasionally we mic up the bass drum (but we're looking to buy a sub for that).


    My question is on where to set the level control. If I was using passive speakers with separate power amps, I'd have the power amps on full (ie 0dB) and then control the volume from the desk. With the B115Ds, does the same principle apply? Shoud I have the output set to Max and then control volume by limiting the signal from the desk? I guess the quustion is whereabouts on the dial is 0dB? What has confused me is the marking that says "Line" and then "Mic". Am I risking damage/distortion if I put a line level signal inand have the level set way into the "Mic" region of the control?Capture.JPG

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    • McElviss


      The best way is to first set a good gain structure on the mixer, set the output fader to 0dB and then raise the gain on the speaker to get the required volume level. Setting the speaker gain too high could result in distortion with line-level signals.

      • May 30, 2019
    • McElviss

      Certainly yes to Rex's reply. But as a rule of thumb I have found that with Behringer mixers and various powered speakers I have found the 12 o'clock position to usually be a good starting point.


      P.S. Why are the latest posts not word wrapping properly all of a sudden? 

      • May 30, 2019
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    AT FIRST I CAn hear the sound of my bass , i m guessing i did right the way ive learned from youtuber but now, i did the same too but unfortunatley theres NO sound at all. im connecting it to my 2 beringer PAs 15 watts speakers.  

    if aNYONE CAN DRAW A LAyout of the best connections for my dj set up 1 subwoofer and 2 pas thanks yuo so much

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      Hello Angel, welcome to the community.


      I think you should connect the Left output from your mixer to the B1200D's Input A and the Right mixer output to Input B. Then connect the B1200D's Output A to the line input of the Left PA active speaker and Output B to the Right PA line input. Use XLR-M/XLR-F cables for all connections. There is a diagram of this at the top of page 8 in the B1200D-Pro Quickstart Guide.

      B1200D-Pro Quickstart Guide, Page 8B1200D-Pro Quickstart Guide, Page 8

      If this doesn't work as you want, tell us what make/type of PA speakers and mixer you are using and we will try to help.


      • January 24, 2020
  • Barolloadv
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    I am a happy owner of a pair of tannoy dmt 12, unfortunately a case has fallen and has been irreparably damaged. I decided to build a new speaker, since speakers and filters are in excellent condition. My problem is that I can't recover Thiele / Small parameters in any way of the speaker 3136GG. You could send them to me so you can listen to these beautiful speakers again. Thanks so much for your kindness.

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  • Mhound
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    I'm very frustrated because for over 2 hours I've been negotiating this site with no answers, and going in circles answering and re answering the same questions but no info from this site.  

    All I want to know is where to get some technical info such as schematic or service manual to repair this Turbosound IQ15B with blown parts on the amplifier and power supply boards.  Or where to get replacement boards..


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    • Mhound

      Hi Ray ( @Mhound ), 


      Welcome to the community.  As far as I know, neither TurboSound nor any of the other Music Tribe companies for that matter, publish schematics or services manuls for their products.  Your best option is to open a support ticket here:|en)


      You should receive an auto-reply email shortly after opening the ticket. If you don't, double check your spam folder.  That email will say that someone will contact you within one business day. Be patient as that's been more like a week ( or more) these days. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • December 15, 2019
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