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  • Armand_RSA
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    When you select different X-over options on the Turbosound IQ-18B it makes a very loud "POP". In the video you can see it actually pushes the OUT level to LIMIT. If you adjust the X-over on the IQ unit itself it does the same. 

    HW:B - Firmware 2.2

    Here is a video to show: (


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    • Armand_RSA

      Hi @Armand_RSA 


      Reply from the firmware engineer:


      "I will have a look at those issues asap. 

      Right now I don't have any hw here at home so I have to pick up the demo board from the office.

      I'll come back to you soon... thanks for the feedback!"

      • April 13, 2020
  • kendrum1
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    Hey all!

    Currently own 2 ip1000 v1s and love them! The only issue I keep running into is drunken college kids thinking they're sturdy enough to hold onto. It's only happened a couple of times, but that sickening crash of one of these things hitting the floor is enough to cause a panic attack. Thankfully, they are built like a tank and I haven't had any sound problems, but I know that can only last a few more tumbles.

    Has anyone built or 3D printed some sort of stand/bracket/legs for the sub unit to help prevent this from happening? All suggestions welcome!

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    • kendrum1

      Hi @kendrum1 

      I believe I have seen some solutions from users on the facebook forums, I would suggest joining the "Turbosound INSPIRE users" group on facebook and posting this there.



      • April 26, 2020
  • progodelic
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    Is there a longer version of the interconnecting cable between the two speakers to allow them to be spaced further apart? If so where can I purchase this?

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    • progodelic

      I'm looking for the same thing.  I see no one has answered your request for over a month.  Kinda suspicious why there's no contact info for tech support!

      • January 28, 2020
  • New
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    Hi Everybody! 

    My client is asking me if they have VLS 15 x 8pcs, VLS 30 x 16, VSX 118B x 4, and DM 8000 as DSP controller, which is the amplifier can drive those speakers perfectly? And interface of the controller if there is a distance 30m to speakers? 

    I am new comer and not familiar with combination between Tannoy speakers & amp as well as interface please support.

    Many thanks in advance. 

    Kien DO

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  • etiuda
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    Does the USB connection work only with Behringer Digital Wireless mics or will it work with other brands? Thanks   

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  • yaboymichaeld
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    Hi all,

    I just purchased a pair of Behringer DR - 115 DSP'S and got to try them out today.

    Very nice sounding speakers and a lot of control with the DSP in terms to EQ's and crossovers etc.

    I'm a bit confused though in regards the limiting applied to this speaker it seems to display LIMIT on the LCD randomly. It's doesn't matter what level the input is at it will say LIMIT at low volumes and at high.
    This is annoying as honestly I don't know where the true limit is of the speaker.

    I'm running from Pioneer decks via XLR to the Behringer. volume on the Pioneer is at 12 OClock and the output meter reads -16db or so . Input gain is at 12 oclock and the volume on the LCD is at 0DB on the Behringer.

    There is an input meter which monitors input on the LCD of the Behringer and this is 1/4 of the way full when playing something through the speaker, I feel I'm nowhere near clipping either.

    I'm wondering if anyone could either shed light on any similar situations like this they had or if (God forbid) I should send the speakers back.

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    • yaboymichaeld

      Are you hearding noticeable level differences when the limit is displayed?  Maybe it is a soft limit to protect from peaks.  What listening mode are you in (DJ, Live, etc.)?  What is the source of the music?  (many downloaded mp3's have unwanted artifacts that may be triggering this).

      Will the speakers still get loud or is the limiter choking the level?

      I wouldn't be bothered by a limiter coming on.  That is different than a peak or clipping display.  I wonder if certain listening modes have a lower threshold on the limiter?

      • January 13, 2020
  • wookiem
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    I've read somewhere that Turbosound products now have a 10 year warranty, can anyone confirm this?



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    • wookiem

      @wookiemIt's true, it's true, it's all true! Edit: Seriously as far as I know they have the same 10 year warranty as Midas

      • January 11, 2020
    • wookiem

      Thanks Gary

      • January 13, 2020
  • kevp45
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    • kevp45


      Hi Kevin, welcome to the community.


      Do you want to connect two B115D speakers to your laptop line/headphone output? If so, you need a cable like this to split the two stereo channels.

      • December 4, 2019
    • kevp45

      Hi Rex,

               Many thanks for your comment, yes i have this cable, so does the 1/4" end plug into each speaker?

      • December 4, 2019
  • Paulo1

    Tannoy Launch CVS 1.0 series in-ceiling loudspeaker range

    Tannoy, the legendary UK-based manufacturer of reference monitors, hi-fi loudspeakers and commercial speakers are announcing a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

    The CVS1.0 series combines Tannoy’s class leading design pedigree and world respected driver technology to produce a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers designed for cost critical applications without compromising the high level of performance users expect from Tannoy. The range is designed to excel in a wide variety of applications such as restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, retail, educational facilities and business of all types that require a combination of excellent music and speech sound quality and exceptional reliability.

    The line-up consists of six models that are all available in semi-matt black or semi-matt white finishes. All deliver the power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion typically found in more expensive products. Each model has a powder coated aluminium mesh grille with dust protection. The drivers are mounted in a UV and weather resistant UL 94-V0 and 94-5VB ABS front with a plated steel fire can enclosures. In addition, each model has EN54-24 certification for detection and fire alarm systems, UL1480 certification for fire protected signalling systems and UL2043 certification for air-handling spaces.

    The CVS 301 is designed to provide superb audio performance and features a three-inch polypropylene full range driver with butyl rubber surround for enhanced durability.  

    The CVS 401, CVS 601 and CVS 801 feature four, six and eight-inch coaxial polypropylene drivers with butyl rubber surround and ferrofluid cooled soft dome high frequency drivers that provide class leading sound quality. 

    The CVS 801S in-ceiling subwoofer uses an eight -inch polypropylene long-excursion driver that delivers weighty extended and controlled bass. The low pass baffle design allows the use with other loudspeakers without the need for a crossover. A low impedance version is also available.

    Other features include:
    • Supplied in pairs complete with all mounting hardware
    • Wide constant directivity for optimum coverage
    • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included
    • Steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism for fire rated cable
    • Transformer Taps for 70V / 100V line systems or 8 Ohm operatio
    • Ten-year warranty

    TANNOY_CVS 1.0_Series.jpg

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  • MiMAO
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    Hey, I purchsesed the MPA40BT-PRO three Months ago and tried to use the battery powered mode for the first time last week, it lasted 10 minutes instead of the promised 12 hours...

    I assume that it has a faulty battery, where do I get a replacement. 

    Thanks, Pat

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