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  • EvoLunatic
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    I have an issue with one speaker. I barely get high frequencies. I need a manual inorder troubleshoot and disassemble the driver. Might be a loose wire.

    Who do I contact regarding this?

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  • Armand_RSA
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    Hi Music Tribe / Turbosound / Fellow Turbosound users,

    So on the Turbosound IQ series DSP screens there are two bars on the right of the screen indicating the audio levels. First is the input gain and the second is the output.

    I noticed that when running straight from a Pioneer DJM900 mixer, the input level reaches the "clip" level very quickly. (You can see it more clearly when using the Turbosound app on the laptop and connected via USB to the unit.) I now run with my DJM900 on-baord attunator always set at -6dB, but when not even getting close to any red led's on the VU meter, the input on the screen will still indicate it is clipping very quickly. I try to keep my levels mostly at the 0dB/top green LED, but this does not seem right. 

    This input level indicated on the IQ's screen (the left bar) is also post gain knob I have figured out, but it is almost impossible to turn the gain knob up till just under clipping (of the right/master level meter) without the left level meter clipping much quicker, this does not make sence at all. Or are the two level bars on the DSP screens for left: pre-DSP and the right indicating post-DSP?

    There are nowhere any clear info on what these level bars indicate.  

    Then I noticed something the other day when I used the (HW:A FW1.7) Turbosound IQ's together with (HWB FW2.2) IQ's.  The rig was connected in stereo and in series with the full range signal via XLR from the mixer going into an IQ18B bassbin (Fw 2.2) and then to an IQ15B (Fw 1.7) bin and then lastly into an IQ12 (Fw 1.7)  top. On the Fw 2.2 units the input level were constantly much higher than on the units with Firmware 1.7. All the rest of the DSP settings, gain knob etc where set the same, so this was very odd.

    Also, there is a big difference in the levels when using the DSP limiter at 0 and at -1. (Much bigger than the difference of going from say -1 to -2, and to -3 etc...) so I prefer not to use the limiter as it sounds like it reaches it's threshold way to quick. When the limiter is turned off there is much more headroom. 

    I think the engineers should just check the on-board DSP level meters (input/left side and output/right side of the on screen bars) as well as the DSP limiter behaviour.

    Nobody could also answer my question regarding if there is still a limiter active when the on-board DSP limiter is set at 0?
    (I want to ensure my drivers/amps stay protected, but setting the limiter at -1 looses too much volume) 

    Other than that I am extremely happy with the Turbosound IQ series. I hope I can get answers or a response for the above and sorry for language errors, English is not my first language. 



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    • Armand_RSA

      These are the bars I am refering to

      • November 1, 2019
    • Armand_RSA

      Hi Armand @Armand_RSA 

      Welcome to the forum. Assuming you are using the analog input and not the Ultranet input, just below the XLR input is a switch. It should be set to Line, not Mic. What you are describing sounds like it is set to Mic.


      • November 1, 2019
    • Armand_RSA

      Hi Paul,


      Thank you for the response.

      It unfortunately is not the case and I can confirm this is with the switch set to LINE. 

      Extra note: Although the first level meter of the two bars shows clipping/limiting (the very top white square) it never has sounded distorted. When I noticed the 1.7 versions indicate a gain level much less than the 2.2 I figured it is just a glitch / bad programming, so I don't worry about the left bar when it reaches the top limit, as you can not hear any distortion articfacts in the audio.


      • November 2, 2019
    • Armand_RSA

      Hi @Armand_RSA 


      I would like to clear up the Limiters confuision, the "user" limiter is a brick wall limiter designed for level limiting. Think of it as the noise police feature!


      With the user limiter set to zero, there are still seperate RMS and PEAK limiters designed to protect the drivers from over powering. These cannot be accessed by the user and are factory locked.


      Regarding the input question, input sensitivity is Line +4 dBu, mic -22 dBu. This could potentially be clipped by a particularly "Hot" mixer output.


      My reccomendation on the mixer side of things is to adjust the Master Level control so that the master channel level indicator lights at around 0dB at the peak level. This should allow plenty of headroom for peaks on the input to the IQ.


      It is worth being carefull to not red line the signal input to your loudspeakers, even at low volume a clipped signal can be quite damaging to loudspeaker drivers as you essentially create a squre wave which makes the driver move in a way the builds up a lot of heat.


      Clipping = Greater average power = More heat = Greater stress on the glues that hold a loudspeaker driver together = shorter life for the driver


      Hope that helps, let me know if you have further questions.

      • December 9, 2019
    • Armand_RSA

      Hi Alexander,


      Thank you so much for the in-depth response Much appreciated. 

      Great, I understand the User Limiter now better. Thanks for clearing that up.

      Yes, you are very much correct. Softer but clipped (square waved) signals from the source/mixer unit are what destroys the drivers quicker. I always ensure not to send any clipped signals from my mixer to the loudspeakers.   

      Just a last question, if my mixer output's at 0dB (top green on the DJM900) and the gain knob is set to 0 on the back of the IQ loudspeaker, but the first bar/meter on the IQ's on-board screen is reaching the top/"max", is it safe to operate like this? I find that the first bar reaches max before the second bar. In other words you can not reach the max output of the loudspeaker/amp (indicated by the second/right bar) before the left/input bar maxes out?

      Kind regards

      • December 11, 2019
  • sonidokasero
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    Hola, buenas tardes. Soy Rolando, desde Chile. Escribo para solicitar los datos gll para Focus3.1.10 de el altavos M12 de la serie Milan de Turbosound. saludos 

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  • JuliaSP
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    Hi,  I got an email about your new product C210 column speaker.  I was literally about to listen to/possibly buy some other brands but thought I'd hold off as I ahve a Behringer mixing desk, and thought I'd check it out.  Looked up ALL the websites for the suppliers one has details on the weight of the unit, spec, costs, when it's all going to be availalble? Anyone know?  

    Thanks in advance.  


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  • pendragon
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    I have a new gleaming set of Ardens and also a wood burner which does create some fine dust over time. How is it best to keep the drivers free from dust. Some say a vacuum cleaner (!) others a soft brush and yet others a dust blower. Anyone got the answer? Thanks

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  • Poysippi
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    I am looking for a replacement speaker for my Behringer EUROLIVE B15500XP. I purchased this unit used and have no warranty (bad choice in hindsight) I would love to get this back up in running Kip-
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  • hapeyo
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    Hello, i bought the europort 2000bt in the united States. Now i am living in Chile and have to change al my stuff to 220 V. Anyone can explain the planet earth switch: ""Planet Earth" switching power supply for maximum flexibility (100- 240 V~), noise-free audio, superior transient response plus low power consumption for energy savings."

    i dont know how to switch. Is it only the changing of the fuse?

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  • AyChords
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    What is the Foot Switch used for in the THRUTH B2029A studio sub woofer?

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    • AyChords


      According to the User Manual, the footswitch can be used to mute the sub and bypass the crossover. This allows comparison of the sound with or without the contribution from the sub woofer. 

      • July 27, 2019
  • Jors
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    Purchased 2 B115W some months ago.

    Anyone knows which bluetooth audio codecs are supported? (despite SBC).


    Many thanks

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