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  • Armand_RSA
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    Hi all,

    Can the engineers please have a look at the firmware 2.2 on the IQ's. 

    2 things to check: 

    1 - The input/output level meters on the LCD (and on the Turbosound EDIT software) indicates that the "IN" stage (pre DSP) CLIPS before the "OUT" (pre amp) stage. 

    Here I have a thread about it:


    2 -  The FBQ Feature does not operate correctly. The LEARN feature produces no "click" as the HW:A units do.

    Here is a thread about this issue:


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  • ManuelAndrade
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    I just bught the Tannoy Gold 7 monitors, when I turn them on (even without any cable connected to the audio inputs) there is a radio signal noise coming from both of the monitors, anybody experienced this?, (I's loud enough to recognize the songs!!!)  thanks!!!

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    • ManuelAndrade

      Dear @ManuelAndrade,

      Hope you are well.

      I can see you have also submitted a support ticket regarding this matter, I have sent a reply to you this morning on via the support ticket. If there is any further information you require to my response please reply to my response and I will assist further.

      Take care.

      Christopher Edwards

      Customer Solution Lifestyle Specialist

      • April 19, 2020
  • AMaya
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    Hi I'm Maya and I represent the team
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  • JulienRutyna
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    Je possède depuis 1 an 2 ip3000, j'ai deja eu 2 retour de garantie car une colonne s'est arreté d'un coup en pleine soirée. L'ecran reste allumé, les fonctions sont accessible mais aucun son ne sort.
    Aujourd'hui j'ai encore un probleme avec des coupures de son de 2 secondes toutes les 3 minutes sur une colonne.
    Je ne comprend pas cette enorme manque de fiabilité pour une marque comme Turbosound surtout que je fais attention a mes volumes d'entrée , j'ai lu sur les forums que c'est un soucis recurrent sur ce modele. Que puis je faire pour ne plus avoir de soucis car j'aime beaucoup ce modele qd il fonctionne.
    Merci beaucoup

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  • RichardR
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    Anyone experience a low level buzz with Reveal 802s? Do you have suggestions on how to fix this? I have a small buzz in one of my units, a bit annoying when listening to music at low levels.

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  • Slickrick
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    I bought a pair 115dsp and the limiter keep coming on a low or high volume. Can anyone help me with this one

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  • coreysound
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    Anyone have experience with the VXP series? Would two VXP12 be suitable for an acoustic duo for small gigs? 

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    • coreysound

      The VXP12s are my favorite self-powered speaker we offer. Within our umbrella of brands, the Turbosound iQ12 are also nice and well suited for an acoustic duo, however Tannoy's dual concentric drivers in the VXPs are on a whole other level of clarity. Just know if you plan on pole mounting them you'll need these

      • July 30, 2019
    • coreysound

      Thank you!! I've been reading about these for a while, since I've been a fan of tannoy hifi for a long time. 

      • July 30, 2019
  • grahamwafer
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    Hello everyone,

    I find the connection at the back for the power cord very shallow and does not fit tight. The weight of the cord pulls the plug slightly down and does not seat properly. 

    Also, what is the threaded hole at the top of the speaker for and where can I find the size of the threads.

    Thanks so much

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    • grahamwafer

      Hi, I have 2 B210Ds and I love them SO MUCH!  Also, both have very snug power ports so I would inspect yours to see if there's some kind of debris shoved in there...  Also, the threaded hole in the top is for the optional Wall Mount Speaker Brackets.  Hope this info is helpful, Ken


      • January 27, 2020
  • sigma


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  • BobKraus
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    I have been trying to get this to work using the instructions, but they just seem to be missing a step. I would like to use the Turbo Control App to control both of my IP1000s, but I can only seem to get one to be controlled. The Master/Slave feature doesn'r seem to work either... Any help?

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