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  • JuliaSP
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    Hi,  I got an email about your new product C210 column speaker.  I was literally about to listen to/possibly buy some other brands but thought I'd hold off as I ahve a Behringer mixing desk, and thought I'd check it out.  Looked up ALL the websites for the suppliers one has details on the weight of the unit, spec, costs, when it's all going to be availalble? Anyone know?  

    Thanks in advance.  


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  • dilbert_3000
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    I have a switch in the booth on my TBV123 line arrays to remove and apply power, before powering up and down the X32.  When I use the switch, the speakers power up normally but when I power them down, while the X32 is powered up, the speaker LCD screens flash blank a few times and occassionally I can hear a slight clicking in the speakers in conjunction with the flashes. 

    The speakers do not try to boot and  nothing appears on the screen, only the LCD screen backlight flashes blank multiple times over 5-10 seconrds before going dark completely. (The number of flashes and duration is never the same)  I have a couple floor monitors on the same circuit, which go dark immediately as expected. All the speakers are supported over Ultranet connections back to the X32 through a P16 Distributor.   

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  • RobSarahs
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    Hi there, I need a replacement of one of these but cant find it anywhere, can anyone help?Hi there, I need a replacement of one of these but cant find it anywhere, can anyone help?

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  • scredly
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    Is there a button/power sequence to reset an IP2000?   Out of nowhere, the input sensitivity of one of my units is out of whack.   One unit volume is at 4.5 and the other is now at 26 to match it.     

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  • DruMcCoy
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    These two lights now only come on, when I turn on the power for my speaker. Why? Thanks for an assistance in advance.

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    • DruMcCoy

      @DruMcCoy wrote:

      These two lights now only come on, when I turn on the power for my speaker. Why? 

      Do the come on briefly then turn off, or do they stay on. If it is the latter, you have a hardware problem.


      • October 19, 2019
  • Poysippi
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    I am looking for a replacement speaker for my Behringer EUROLIVE B15500XP. I purchased this unit used and have no warranty (bad choice in hindsight) I would love to get this back up in running Kip-
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  • BigFire
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    I recently purchased a brand new full TLX84 rig and for the life of me cannot find crossover points at all for the HF and LF in this box. Can someone give me the HF and LF ranges? I can only find the range for the entire box.

    Also, when I was researching the Turbosound website said I would be provided with EASE files with these. I got nothing and can't find anywhere to download these. Help! I just invested a lot of money and would like to have these basic things. Thanks!

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    • BigFire

      Turbosound doesn't release DSP settings for TLX array's series, you must use dedicated amps, Lab gruppen PLM+ with Lake DSP on board. Eq settings, limiters, crossover and eq overlay are in the DSP presets downloadable from the product page.



      • October 16, 2019
  • gm12338
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    I sent back a Samson VX8.1 line array pa unit that was not working properly and decided instead to buy a Turbosound IP1000 which I rec'd 10/12/2019.  I only ran the IP1000 a few hours to practice on my Roland RD-2000. The rear metal plate where inputs plug in, gets almost too hot to touch.  Should I be concerned about internal heat build up as I don't see a visible cooling fan nor any air vent ports.  On the Samson VX8.1 I returned, plus many other models I've researched, do have a visible cooling fan and or air venting with some having possible non-visible internal fans. On this blog somewhere, I read someone was asking IF there was an effective way to retrofit a cooling fan solution for their speaker.  I do "know" that excessive heat does in fact break down electronics over time.  IS there any internal fan or any air porting/venting in any of the Turbosound Inspire IP1000 thru IP3000 models? I like the sound I'm hearing, I'm also thinking about pa system longevity too.






















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  • Srinaldi12
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    I have a blown speaker.  I have a set of Tannoy Revolution mini xt.  I have contacted the dealer, and created a service ticket.  Noone has been of any help.  I absolutely love these speakers.  I don't want to go another route, but I'm on the verge of giving up and just buying another set of speakers from another manufacturer.  It's still under warranty and it's getting frustrating.

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  • Paulo1

    Tannoy Launch CVS 1.0 series in-ceiling loudspeaker range

    Tannoy, the legendary UK-based manufacturer of reference monitors, hi-fi loudspeakers and commercial speakers are announcing a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers.

    The CVS1.0 series combines Tannoy’s class leading design pedigree and world respected driver technology to produce a new range of in-ceiling loudspeakers designed for cost critical applications without compromising the high level of performance users expect from Tannoy. The range is designed to excel in a wide variety of applications such as restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, retail, educational facilities and business of all types that require a combination of excellent music and speech sound quality and exceptional reliability.

    The line-up consists of six models that are all available in semi-matt black or semi-matt white finishes. All deliver the power handling, wide frequency response and low distortion typically found in more expensive products. Each model has a powder coated aluminium mesh grille with dust protection. The drivers are mounted in a UV and weather resistant UL 94-V0 and 94-5VB ABS front with a plated steel fire can enclosures. In addition, each model has EN54-24 certification for detection and fire alarm systems, UL1480 certification for fire protected signalling systems and UL2043 certification for air-handling spaces.

    The CVS 301 is designed to provide superb audio performance and features a three-inch polypropylene full range driver with butyl rubber surround for enhanced durability.  

    The CVS 401, CVS 601 and CVS 801 feature four, six and eight-inch coaxial polypropylene drivers with butyl rubber surround and ferrofluid cooled soft dome high frequency drivers that provide class leading sound quality. 

    The CVS 801S in-ceiling subwoofer uses an eight -inch polypropylene long-excursion driver that delivers weighty extended and controlled bass. The low pass baffle design allows the use with other loudspeakers without the need for a crossover. A low impedance version is also available.

    Other features include:
    • Supplied in pairs complete with all mounting hardware
    • Wide constant directivity for optimum coverage
    • Mounting C-ring and ceiling tile rails included
    • Steel cover and strain relief clamping mechanism for fire rated cable
    • Transformer Taps for 70V / 100V line systems or 8 Ohm operatio
    • Ten-year warranty

    TANNOY_CVS 1.0_Series.jpg

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