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  • yann_
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    No new updates or improvements for this unit? 

    Curious if it will stay like how it is or maybe some new features will be added? 

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  • Dinesh
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    One of our customer has purchased Behringer UMC2, and requested for Traction code a weeks ago
    but still haven't received the code, kindly support regarding Traction software code
    Product serial number  S190114735AVV  
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    • Dinesh

      Hi @Dinesh ,


      Welcome to the community.  The first thing to check is the spam folder. It's all too common these days for messages like these to get caught in a spam filter.  Unfortunately, this is a community support forum and not Behringer customer support.  I'd recommend you open a support ticket here.  You should receive an automated reply soon after opening the ticket.  If you don't get the reply, again, check your spam folder. 


      Hope this helps, 


      • July 25, 2019
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