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  • BimotO
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    A big hello to everyone. I am Italian and I use Google translator: excuse me!
    I have the VOICELIVE 2 of the TC HELICON.
    I would like to have the SUPER TUNE effect or  TRAP music style effect .... How can I adjust the unit? Thank you.
    If you have a more specific FORUM, I kindly ask you for a LINK.

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    • BimotO

      Hey @BimotO,
      To get an "autotune" or as we call it Hardtune effect on VoiceLive 2, go into the "Edit" menu, and on the "FX" tab scroll down to "Hardtune".  The higher the percent, the more aggresive and obvious the effect will become.  Cheers!

      • June 21, 2019
  • mingus
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    as title...
    Replaced HD to ssd on 2012 Mini.  installed, uninstalled, reinstalled new and old drivers, unit starts with the TC lights but 'device not found'.  I went through this years ago too but forget how I fixed it.

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    • mingus

      forgot to add....using lightning bolt to 1394 adapter.  Been using this for years.

      • April 20, 2019
    • mingus

      Hi mingus,

      What macOS are You running ? and You have the latest version of TC Near Software ?

      All the best from


      • August 12, 2019
  • GPL
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    To anyone at TC's support. I understand that some of your Interfaces are breaking the 10 years barrier (Jeez, I have a Konnekt8 from 2006!), but, other brands still support their older prodcuts with regular updates. So, simple as that, is driver development for audio interfaces halted? We´ll have any other driver/firmware version for our audio interfaces so we can use them with the newer OS's?
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    • GPL
      GPL (Really no one? Hagen, Thomas, Nicolaj?)
      • January 16, 2019
    • GPL
      visham It would be nice to hear from TC Electronic on this.

      I am using an Impact Twin on Windows 10 (1809).
      • January 29, 2019
    • GPL

      Yes! I'd definitely like to see a new version of TC NEAR! I have talked my entire band into purchasing TC gear (we have a Konnekt 8, 24D and an Imapct Twin) and now I fear it'll stop working after the next OS update. Currently, we use Mac OS Mojave and Windows 10 (1809) and the interfaces seem to work fine. But it'd be great if there was official support for modern operating systems!

      • February 21, 2019
    • GPL

      I would like to know, too! I've hung onto my old Konnekt 24d over the years, and would love to carry on using it, as it's STILL great, and offers features that most new interfaces do not! At the moment, I'm running it on a Mac with Mojave (with a Firewire 400 to 800 cable, and a Firewire 800 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter), and it IS still working, but I share the same concern: Will it continue to work when the new version of MacOS comes down the pike? Will the driver continue to be updated for a while? or will I need to start scoping out a new interface?

      • July 8, 2019
    • GPL

      I just bought a (known working on XP) BCA2000 on the back of a Win 7 driver being listed on Behring's website (!!!!!)

      It doesn't work, and as far as I can discover there NEVER WAS a working 64-bit driver.

      I find this deception disgraceful and am considering taking it to the British Small Claims Court  under the COnsumer Protection Act.

      Anyone know if I'm mistaken and a 64-bit Win7 BCA2000 driver DOES actually exist. and WORK?


      • October 27, 2019
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