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  • tangosynthesis
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    Morning all,

    This section of the site seems a little... empty ... compared to other places so I'm not expecting anyone to spot this any time soon. My question though is this...

    The DI800 says it can be phantom powered or mains powered, but the manual is a little thin on how this works in practice. Does giving it phantom power just power individual channels, or does phantom on one line give power to all eight?

    And having done that, what happens if you have the mains plugged in and accidentally add phantom on one or more channels as well? Does it ignore it? Or do you then call the fire brigade?

    I'd try it myself but it's going to take a little while to have the space to set it up, and that may end up being at the next gig rather than on the test bench.

    Anyway, cheers as always.


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    • tangosynthesis


      You were wrong, Graham, your post did get spotted.


      You were right about the DI800 user manual, though. It does a masterly job of failing to explain how the phantom powering works. Based on experience with other active DI boxes, I can guess a few things:


      Each channel is separate (apart from the shared mains power supply). If you want to use phantom powering, each channel would need phantom power from the mixer/console.


      I think it is very unlikely that there would be a problem if you accidentally supplied phantom power to one or more channels while the mains power was turned on. Phantom power is limited to low currents so doesn't readily produce smoke. I suspect it would effectively be ignored.

      • March 2, 2020
  • DanielGrenier
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