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  • DanDryden
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    I've seen a few comments from people who don't seem to know what the monitor switch does.
    My own experience mirrors this.
    When the UCA202 is connected to a USB port and I have active input but am not connected to recording software I can't hear the input with the monitor switch set to ON and the volume control up.

    When I launch Audacity I still can't hear the input with the monitor switch on.
    Only when I activate the recording mode can I hear the input signal no matter what position the monitor switch is in providing the volume control is turned up.
    I'm assuming this is the USB playback mode of the UCA202.

    Using Logic I can monitor the "input when connected to the software and assigning input to tracks from the UCA202 - I don't have to be in record mode.When overdubbing in Logic I can hear both the pre-recorded track and the new track but I'm having difficulty discerning what the switch does since I can hear both pre-recorded and overdub tracks with switch in either position and both are controlled by the volume control.

    Is this normal behavior for the UCA202?

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  • VinceBigos
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    I have been trying to record using the 302USB (brand new) hooked up to Garageband on my Mac. I have my headphones plugged into the mixer.

    Here is my current setup.

    SM57 mic > LXR input on 302USB > MacBook Pro > Garageband

    1st problem: I keep hearing the faintest (yet incredibly distracting) clicking noise in the left phone of my headphones. It will last for about 10 seconds, go away, then return. It's not any kind of metronome from Garageband that I forgot to turn off.

    2nd problem: about every 30 seconds I hear a loud beep in my headphones. I don't think it has anything to do with signal clipping b/c neither lights that would indicate this on the mixer or Garageband turn red.

    I thought this problem was related to the Garageband, but I would turn the program off and watch a video online with headphones through the mixer, and the beep would return. Could it have anything to do with sound output from the computer?

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    • VinceBigos
      SeanFairchild Dear Vince,

      That sounds to me like an issue with the connection between the 302USB and the computer. On a Windows machine I would suspect the driver or the driver's buffer settings as causing this, but I'm no Mac expert Feel free to reach out to our CARE team at [email protected] or by phone at +1-702-800-8290 (US) or +44 1562 732290 (UK) for more assistance if you like!
      • April 2, 2015
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