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    I am a performer, lyricist, and sound specialist in the hope of improving my musical creation skills ...

    Currently, I continue to see that every time I set up my guitar and bass parts, they sound good to me at first, but when it's the perfect opportunity to overdub my drummer parts, all I do. nibbled at languid sounds, janky, and I'm just starting to feel an overwhelming uncertainty in my abilities ... we both records with a similar snap, and our parts seem well isolated, but together they just don't work.

    I have no idea what the problem is. I know this is anything but a problem when we play live respectively on the grounds that we sync so well, but clearly not when it comes to overdubs ... what should I do? A few groups remarks in case I record my parts so far, I should record on a fundamental drum beat to get even more atmosphere. On some things I do for others, that's okay, my plays are going well. 

    Anyway, in case I try to do that with my music, it changes the mood of what I'm munching on ... is it just the idea of ​​the monster that is the musical creation? Or do I just suck and need to improve myself to play a tick? Is it a problem with drummers thinking they're amazing at keeping pace with a tick? I'm lost.

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      shanii I am also having trouble with one of my favorite wireless guitar system, there have been a couple of times where it would stop working for a few hours so I would just put it down for a bit, however not long after it would start working again.

      However now, it's been three days since it worked. It shows connection, okay & everything seems right. All my connections are solid, my amp is on and functional, my guitar works, but it still won't make any noise, I even tried unplugging it and plugging it back again to see if it would even make the usual popping sound. Nope, didn't happen. Also, my guitar battery is charged. Still, this issue exists.

      Does any guys have any solution for this issue? Replies to me for this trouble are very much appreciated. If it helps I'm using a Getaria GWS-8.
      • November 12, 2021