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    I am a performer, lyricist, and sound specialist in the hope of improving my musical creation skills ...

    Currently, I continue to see that every time I set up my guitar and bass parts, they sound good to me at first, but when it's the perfect opportunity to overdub my drummer parts, all I do. nibbled at languid sounds, janky, and I'm just starting to feel an overwhelming uncertainty in my abilities ... we both records with a similar snap, and our parts seem well isolated, but together they just don't work.

    I have no idea what the problem is. I know this is anything but a problem when we play live respectively on the grounds that we sync so well, but clearly not when it comes to overdubs ... what should I do? A few groups remarks in case I record my parts so far, I should record on a fundamental drum beat to get even more atmosphere. On some things I do for others, that's okay, my plays are going well. 

    Anyway, in case I try to do that with my music, it changes the mood of what I'm munching on ... is it just the idea of ​​the monster that is the musical creation? Or do I just suck and need to improve myself to play a tick? Is it a problem with drummers thinking they're amazing at keeping pace with a tick? I'm lost.

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