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    Hello, My church has a Behringer X 32 mixer going to an S-32. We have been using the aux channels for inputs from a mobile device, CD player, and audio from video. A couple of weeks, the sound coming from the Aux channels has been very distorted. Most of the mid-range and vocal audio is absent or sounds far away. As a test, I connected my phone to an XLR channel on the S 32. After making this connection the audio coming from my mobile device sounded great. Therefore, I believe there is something wrong with the Aux channels. If anyone has a suggestionOr advice and remedying this issue please let me know. Thank you very much.
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    Hello. I have a rather interesting problem/discovery. There is 1 microphone and 6 line in jacks coming to my XR18. The MIC sounds always the same. But other inputs constantly change level. When I talk loud, the music gets quieter by itself. And when there is no talk, it suddenly becomes much louder. Automixing feature is not enabled. Compressor and other effects are not applied. The idea was to create several snapshots for each scenario. But I still have to always change the volume on line in channels, as they go up and down. Is this how mixing should work? Am I mishearing it? Or am I loosing it?
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