X32 Firmware 4.02 is out.


X32 firmware 4.02 is out.



4.02 (2020-01-21):


New features:

- Welcome-Screen on first power up after an update (Select the Firmware header on Setup-Global page to display again)

- CustomBootScene.scn can be loaded automatically at bootup and created in the Setup-Global page (also on X32Core/M32C)

- CustomLock.bmp and CustomBoot.bmp support (see examples on www.behringer.com)

- Routing-Input: cycle through the connected AES devices using the Up/Down arrows

- X32Core/M32C: Console backup export and load




- M32/R : faderboard firmwares reviewed for better behaviour on both slow and fast speeds

- showing insert/source details on effects screen

- improved conversion of input clocks to user slots (Routing-User In-Utility-6th button)

- pressing Select and Utility opens the Name/Icon screen

- Xlive locator can be moved using the transport encoders

- showing a dialog when trying to use the USB recorder when no USB drive is inserted

- updating the TopLeft selected channel box when a popup is shown on screen

- added header line to the console.bak file

- X32Core/M32C: Error screen when an export fails




Bug fixes:

- Channel

- preventing copied channel window to redraw when copying remotely

- Config: changed INHP label to IN/LC

- EQ: fixed crossover band type name display and coloured frames redraw

- X-Live-Card:

- redrawing utility header on session selection

- changed the scrub function icon

- disabling transport buttons when Mute Groups are open

- better SD info redraw when popups are shown

- Routing-Input: redrawing connected AES devices when they change

- fixed snippet FX4R selection

- fixed channel source display when Aux1 is set to AES50 33

- fixed recorder text display on the top of the screen

- fixed gain control offset-issue from X-Touch using User-Input

- user assign section shows SD session/markers properly

- reset User-Blocks when loading scene created with former parameter set