S16 / X32 Gain issue...


Hi Folks...I have something odd happening with my X32 Rack setup with an S16. I normally plug directly in to the X32 Rack but this week past I tested out my S16 and encountered something strange.

I am running 4.02 FW on the X32 and am Running 2.4Fw on the S16. I am using a Klark Tecnik Grounded / Shielded Ethercon cable to conect the two.

I have NOT engaged the "Lock Out Stage Box" or the HA Trim Control buttons in the Global setup Tab.

My test setup is a Vocal Mic plugged in to the channel and carefully and evenly saying Check Check..(lol)

So...when I plug directly into the X32...on channels 1 to 8 and on 9 to 16...if I turn the Input gain completely off to the Left (-12db)...and speak into a mic..The Mixer/ Channel behaves as expected. There is no Input signal being shown on the channel strip meters and no output signal being sent to the LR Main output. Turning up the Input gain shows a gradual increase on the Channel Meter...and a volume increase from nothing to a normal level on the LR Mains / output speakers...just as expected. All Good.

But...when I connect the S16...I have green Light sync between the two devices...the S16 Configuration Knob turned completely over to the left ( Mode 1)...I get a different behaviour on the channel inputs. Channels 1-8 behave as normal....the X32 controls the input gain as expected and there is no problem. However...Channels 9-16....when the Input gain knob is turned completely to the Left (-12db)...there is still signal showing on the Channel meter and you can hear it thru the Mains. Turning up the Input gain increases the Output of the channel but it doesn't seem to be as sensitive or to get as loud as a mic pluged in to Channels 1-8.

Is there a way the Preamps Control in the Setups tab supposed to be set?

Is there a specific Routing/ Input and Output setup . I admit I still don't fully understand the Routing on the X32. I have always used the basic stock configuration of the local inputs and outputs on the back of the X32.

Is the S16 defective? Is it an internal setting that's causing this? Any help would be appreciated