Help with best approach to connect: XR18, XTouch, PC (live band recording)


Hi, I asked this but don't think I did a good job laying it out. I've attached a drawing this time.

XR-18 connected to X-touch via Cat6, control is there.

I haven't picked my DAW yet, but I have four questions:

1 - Can the Cat 6 connection between the XR-18 (on home router network) connect to the WIN PC for the DAW control part? All three are already connected to home network. I see that I can pick the MC mode on Xtouch config, and choose either Network, USB, or Midi. If I pick network it wants either DHCP or not. Once I get the DAW installed will it connect via the Network selection? Do I need to hard code the IP of the PC, or is it asking for an IP setting for the XTouch?


2 nd question - Must I have that USB connection between the XR-18 and the Windows PC as well in order to get the music to the Win PC? I was hoping it could also use the home ethernet.


3 - What is the best compatible DAW for my purpose - which is just basic recording and basic editing? Example - if this will work with MixPad that would be great since I know how to use it.


4 - If I understand the workflow correctly, I can flip the XTouch between controlling the XR-18 and for controlling the DAW?


Thanks in advance,


Home Studio.png