We're using a pair of B115Ds as our PA system for our three piece band that plays rock covers in bars. We only usually put one vocal mic and a guitar DI through it, but occasionally we mic up the bass drum (but we're looking to buy a sub for that).


My question is on where to set the level control. If I was using passive speakers with separate power amps, I'd have the power amps on full (ie 0dB) and then control the volume from the desk. With the B115Ds, does the same principle apply? Shoud I have the output set to Max and then control volume by limiting the signal from the desk? I guess the quustion is whereabouts on the dial is 0dB? What has confused me is the marking that says "Line" and then "Mic". Am I risking damage/distortion if I put a line level signal inand have the level set way into the "Mic" region of the control?Capture.JPG