Re: TC Electronics Brainwaves

by TC-Mike



i moved your post into the correct forum...

If you want to start out simple without using the aToneprint app, just  use the "DETUNE" type and set the amount of detuning for each Pitch shifter voice via VOICE 1 + 2 interval potmeters -> in DETUNE mode they shift the pitch with up to 50 cents instead of semitones and combined with the 2 direction toggle switches, you can very easily dial in the setting you mentioned above.If you just wnat one detuned voice with 7 cents up, set VOICE 2 to OFF.

If you want to customize your own Detuning toneprints via the app Try the DUALDETUNE template from the  as a starting point, if you want dynamic detuning via the pressure sensitive MASH switch.. You can customize the detuning amount either fixed for each voice, or change it dynamically via MASH switch. On the MASH mapping page you can set up the parameter curve for the detuning.

P.s.. you can have a fixed custom detune amount per voice and on top have different detuning via MASH switch, where the value of the detuning will return to the current pitch value of the potmeters of a toneprint when the MASH switch is released.