Euphoria UMC1820 with AUM with ipadPro


I had read online and verified with Sweetwater/Behringer this would work with an ipad and with AUM before buying.

However I can't get it to work worth a crap...

AUM does "show" Behringer's inputs and outputs, but with AUM's output choice set to Behringer's USB 1&2 the actual output never really get's to Behringer's headphones. (the option to use the ipad's headphones, which is present with other interfaces like the Apogee, disappears and is unavailable in AUM when I plug the Behringer in.

If I use AUM file player to play a wave file, or a synth, a drum machine etc. with the AUM output "showing" it is going to Behringer USB 1&2, I can't hear that wave file playing on the Behringer from it's phone jack at all.

I have a guitar into instrument input in Behringer's channel 1 and can hear the dry guitar in the Behringer headphones. BUT if I set Behringer's channel 1 as an input in AUM, and route it through an effect like a delay etcl, and with AUM's output set to Behringer's USB 1&2, you can never hear the effect being applied, just the dry signal.

The weird thing is, just looking at AUM it "looks like" it is working -when playing the guitar the input signal shows up in the level meter in AUM. The problem seems to be with the output from AUM not "actually" returning to the Behringer for listening even though AUM says it is outputing to Behringer's USB 1&2.

I can't see anything else to set either on the Behringer unit or in AUM to get this to work right. Anyone have an idea?

Unlike all my other interfaces, like Apogee and others which work fine in the ipad and AUM I cannot get the Behringer to do anything useful in the ipad at all. I did check with Behringer and Sweetwater and forums online to make sure the unit was class compliant (therefore works with ipads) before obtaining one, but no luck so far.

Any ideas of how to get this working as advertised would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.