X32 firmware updates

by LQS


I work at a theatre which has an X32 running v2.10.    Can I upgrade directly to v4.02, or do I have to upgrade to an interim version (say v3.x) before I can jump to v4.x?   Does v4 support all serial numbers, or only a certain range?  I was not able to find a complete set of release notes listing all the versions (list of improvements, feature adds, and bug fixes), does one exist and I just didn't look int eh correct place?    Similarly, I've not been able to find older firmware versions on the website, are they somewhere where I couldn't find them?  I'd like to have a copy of 2.10 just in case something goes awry during the update process and I would need to revert to it.   Similarly, all the questions I've asked are things I've encountered in doing upgrades with other types of devices