Finicky scene recalls on X32


I'm using an X32 with an S32 stagebox in a house of worship. 
I'm recording the service to a DAW via USB: 32 channels to a PC running Sonar X2 Producer.
The recording will be used to train volunteer operators how to mix. 

Channel assignments are layed out logically for our purposes, but it requires breaking the 8-grouping of inputs.  To accomdate that, I'm using the User Outs so that I can send arbitrary signals (a mix of AES50, Local, and Aux In) to the Card slot (and on to the DAW via USB).  That's all stored in what I'll call the "Service Scene." 

I have created a separate "Playback Scene" to be used during training. 
This scene takes all 32 inputs from the Card in a 1:1 mapping (DAW Track 1 -> Console channel 1, 2->2, 3->3, etc. That way the trainess will see the channels in the same order we see during worship services. 

The input routing assignments (Card 1-32) do not get loaded when I load the Playback Scene. 
So I have to reenter them by hand. 
Going the other way is no problem... when I load the Service Scene, the channels get reassigned to the mics, etc. as you'd expect. 

None of the Scene Safe features are active. 
Maybe this is the 'forgetting' Paul V. mentioned in another post. 
This seems different to me, because the Cards are mapped in traditional groups of 8. 
I hope someone has a workaround, or at least an explanation.