XR18 - Ableton live recording


Good Day

I need assistance please, I have a big show very shortly and are really not an pro when it comes to ableton or live recording. I need assistance on my settings from the XR18 Mixer to ableton.I am currently just playing out of media player to see if I am able to record that then the rest should not be to difficult.My problem is accroding to al the settings on the photos attached i only get signal to ableton on the Asio - and X Air Asio Driver, so I assume that is right, but by pressing the record button nothing is happening I have changed the input channel setting on ableton to the desired channel on the mixer.

Please have a look at the attached photos for all my settings

I would like a quick easy way just to get this up and running. Much AppreciatedPic1.jpgPic 2.jpgPic  3.jpgPic  4.jpgPic  5.jpgPic  6.jpgPic  7.jpgPic  8.jpgPic  9.jpgPic  10.jpgPic  11.jpgPic  12.jpgPic  13.jpgPic  14.jpgPic  15.jpgPic  16.jpgPic  17.jpg

Pic 2.jpg