Behringer NR300 Noise Reducer

by Naszto


My only "problem" with this device, it reduces the noise only about 32 db. For that problem I got me a TC Electronics Sentry. But for all the folks, who are not stacking one gain stage on the other, this device will do the job.

It is still in my signal chain, but in the end, where the Sentry already took care of that gainstages.

The plastic case shouts out loud: CHEAP! But you find on youtube videos where folks try to destroy their oh so cheap behringer pedals and have to go to drastic measures to destroy the case. They take the normal abuse with any problems. Yes, you can run over the original boss pedal with a car and it will still work, but how often do you run over your pedals with a car?

You have to modes: One completly mutes the signal, when you step on the switch. The other one works as noise gate, where you set threshold and decay. The threshold just is the needed volume, when the pedal opens the gate. The decay is the duration how long the gate stays open, when the level is under the threshold.

If you need a simple mute switch or noise gate this pedal is simply a bargain you can't ignore.