Model D only plays one pitch when controlled by USB and Midi 5 pin

Put a ticket into the Behringer care portal a week ago and have not even received a response that they have received it, so thought I would post the question here. Using several different keyboard controllers (Akai MPK249, Akai MAX 25 and the Crave synthesizer) I can only get the unit to play only one pitch no matter what key is pressed. I tried this using both USB and 5 pin midi connections (disconnecting the respective others when testing). Still only one pitch no matter what note was pressed on the keyboard. Then tried connection of Crave to the Model D using CV connections only and was able to get corresponding pitch to match what was being played on the Crave keyboard. All other functions of the synth are working including filters, envelopes, etc. Pitch can also be modulated using the LFO. To sum up, using CV inputs from the Crave I can control the pitch of the Model D from the Crave keyboard but using USB and Midi 5 pin connections from Crave and 2 other midi controllers I only get 1 pitch no matter what note on keyboard is pressed. I always got a sound just only one pitch. I have attached a graphic of the SynthTool connected to the Model D. Thought maybe reloading the firmware might help (even though I am running the latest version) but SynthTool gives no option to reload. Thanks in advance for any help.

SynthTool info.jpg