MIDAS PRO1 and Behringer in-ear system


Hello all!  I am fairly new to Digital audio and it's interfaces.  I have recently gone to work at a Church, and I inherited a Midas Pro1 and I am trying to research to see if I can interface the PRO1 via AES50 to the Behringer Ultranet in-ear system (P16, etc..., to be purchased asap).   

In my research, someone mentioned that they will not natively talk because the PRO1 operates at 96kHz, and the Behringer stuff is 48kHz (I think).  

So QUESTION IS: what do I need to do to get a route of 16 channels/mixes out to the Berhinger in-system? Hardware converter?  A different in-ear system?  

HELP!  Any and all is greatly appreciated!